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Baked castagnole

Baked castagnole

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Recipe Castagnole baked by of 25-01-2016 [Updated on 04-09-2017]

Baked Castagnole are a variant of the classic recipe that involves a rich frying of the dessert. To make the damselfish more particular and to hold the sugary part all around, I made a version of the alchermes, the pink color made them even more delicious. For the children, on the other hand, I made a non-alcoholic version by soaking the damselfish in milk and cocoa, less cute but just as delicious, Elisa loves sugar-coated desserts and really enjoyed it, even if, I won't hide from you, she would have preferred to eat the pink ones; ) Well girls, I hope you spent a nice weekend, I do, and today I'm leaving with a good load, a kiss and happy Monday!


How to make baked damselfish

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