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Sicilian cannoli

Sicilian cannoli

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Sicilian cannoli recipe from of 23-12-2013 [Updated on 10-05-2016]

Sicilian cannoli are a classic of the pastry of splendid Sicily and at my house during the Christmas holidays they never fail, I love them but finding good ones here in Naples is not so simple and without chocolate it is almost impossible. one of our customers brought cannoli from Palermo, the unusual thing for us was to see it arrive with two separate packages, one with the waffles and one with the filling, he told us that the real cannoli does not carry the layer of chocolate in the wafer and that it is stuffed at the moment in order not to make the wafer soften and that the chocolate served as an insulator in the event that the cannoli were transported already filled. After having traveled far and wide to find Sicilian sheep ricotta, I set to work and tried to make my first cannoli, I followed his advice, I prepared the waffles the day before and then I made them. when it's time to serve them, crunchy wafer and creamy filling, one word, divine! My prenatal Monday dessert is this, if anyone wants to throw themselves into the preparation of cannoli, they must first find the aluminum cylinders to make the waffles (I used the small ones) and the Sicilian ricotta to make the filling, then as for all typical regional recipes each has its own version or variant, I tried this one and I liked it a lot. Happy Monday everyone and good food!


How to make Sicilian cannoli

Put the flour, sugar, cocoa and salt in a bowl. Make a hole in the center and put the egg (from which you will remove some egg white) and melted butter

Work the dough gradually adding the marsala and knead until the dough is not too soft.

Form a ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest for half an hour

Take back the dough, cut it into two parts, then with a rolling pin roll out a very thin sheet

With the help of a pastry cutter, cut out circles

Place the tubulars in the center of each disk

Wrap, and join the edges by brushing them with a little beaten egg white.

Gradually place the cannoli on a lightly floured plate

Fry in plenty of hot oil, two or three at a time at the most.

As soon as the pasta is swollen and brown, drain and place on absorbent paper to cool

Once cold, remove the iron tubes taking great care not to break the shells, someone broke in the tip

Now prepare the ricotta cream, put the ricotta with the icing sugar in a bowl.

Sift it then add the chocolate chips

Fill the wafers (peels) with the cream

Gradually put the stuffed cannoli on a tray

Garnish the ends with a candied cherry, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve

And here are my first Sicilian cannoli

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