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Zucchini pizza

Zucchini pizza

Zucchini pizza recipe of 14-06-2016 [Updated on 14-06-2016]

There zucchini pizza it is a pizza only in appearance, but in reality it is the all-Italian version of the zucchini pie that I posted some time ago. In short, it is a base prepared with grated zucchini, eggs and flour, then stuffed as if it were, in fact, a pizza, just like I did with that of cauliflower! In this case I opted for a layer of cooked ham and provolone, but it's a very versatile recipe and you can always try new versions, too vegetarian or gluten free. It is also quick and easy to do, perfect to prepare in case of unexpected guests only with what you have at home;) Today I have some paperwork to dispose of, but I hope to be able to find the time to prepare something new too to offer you for next week, maybe a new ice cream ... we'll see what I can do! A kiss to those who pass by here and tomorrow with a new recipe!


How to make zucchini pizza

Wash the courgette, peel it and grate it with a grater with large holes in a large bowl.

Add salt, pepper, eggs, flour and Parmesan to the bowl.

Mix well, then pour the mixture into a mold lined with parchment paper lightly greased with oil and level well.

Bake for 20 minutes at 200 ° C in a preheated convection oven, when the edges begin to brown, take the mold back and stuff with thinly sliced ​​ham and provola.

Bake for another 10 minutes, so as to melt the provolone well.

Let the zucchini pizza cool, then cut into slices and serve.

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