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Puff pastry hearts

Puff pastry hearts

Puff pastry hearts recipe of 12-02-2015 [Updated on 20-02-2017]

Puff pastry hearts stuffed with a delicate mascarpone and parmesan cream will be my appetizer for Valentine's Day dinner. These days I'm rehearsing for this year's dinner, everything will be prepared by me and Elisa and everything will be in the shape of a heart, in fact for the next few days you will see everything "heart-shaped";)
Today I give you a news ... from tomorrow I will start shooting video recipes again, so if you have proposals for recipes that I have already posted and that you would like to see in video format, go ahead.
To tell the truth, I am a little nervous about this thing, as you know I am not very confident in these situations but I will take courage again and see what comes out of it.
So I leave you to the recipe for this pretty heart-shaped appetizer and I'm going to "study" the recipes for tomorrow;)


How to make puff pastry hearts

Unroll the pastry and with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut hearts.

Leave 6 whole hearts while the remaining 18 pierce them with a smaller heart stencil.

Stack three pierced hearts on top of each inner heart.

Knead the cutouts and make smaller hearts.

Brush the hearts of puff pastry with a little milk and prick the base and edges well.

Bake the hearts for about 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 °.
Remove the pastry hearts from the oven and leave to cool

Prepare a cream by working the mascarpone with Parmesan, a few tablespoons of milk, salt and pink pepper.

With the help of a pastry bag, stuff the hearts with the cream cheese obtained


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