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Spaghetti all'assassina

Spaghetti all'assassina

Spaghetti allaassina recipe by of 01-05-2020 [Updated on 04-05-2020]

The spaghetti to the murderer they are a very particular dish recently entered in the Bari tradition, very simple to make and obviously also very good! This is tomato based spaghetti with a nice spicy touch. And so far, everything is normal. The peculiarity is in fact in the cooking, which takes place directly in the pan and which gives the pasta a particular, crunchy consistency. A bit of a cross between risotto pasta and scammero omelette, if you like. The recipe was suggested to me by a misyana during one of the live shows I do on the facebook page in the afternoon.
I prepared them with tomato sauce made on the fly, but you can also use some leftover ragùo, if you have any. In addition, if you want, you can take advantage of this idea to recycle already cooked pasta leftovers: you just need to put it back in the pan as in the spaghetti to the assassin et voilà, dinner ready;)


How to make spaghetti assassin

First of all, prepare a light sauce by cooking the tomato pulp for about ten minutes with 1 clove of garlic, oil, salt and basil.
Fry the other clove of garlic and the chilli with a little oil in a very large pan, then add the raw spaghetti and toast them.

Cover the pasta with 1 ladle of sauce and 2 ladles of water, wait for the spaghetti to soften, then remove the garlic and chilli pepper and season with salt.
As the water evaporates, add more sauce for the pasta to cook.
When the spaghetti are almost completely cooked, stop adding the sauce, raise the heat to the maximum and let them sizzle for a few minutes, without touching them, so that the crust is created.

Spaghettiassassina are ready, serve them immediately.

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