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Mojito cupcakes

Mojito cupcakes

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THE mojito cupcakes are the sweet that I decided to prepare this year to celebrate the birthday of my blog. I chose these Caribbean-flavored cupcakes because, despite almost a month having passed since my trip to Cuba, I still have the smells and flavors (and reggaeton, I admit) of this fantastic island on me.
I used the classic ingredients of the famous cocktail, white rum, lime and mint which together created an exceptional mix of flavors, when I tasted my cupcakes I felt like I was enjoying the mojito cocktail, crazy;)
With today it is 9 years that with my our public website recipes but also words, thoughts and little stories. Many things have changed in recent years, various graphic layouts on the site (and a new one coming), kitchen changes, types of recipes I made, video recipes, collaborations and new people who have started working with me, in short, around the my blog there is always a great firm of. In these years I have grown up, I have done things that I would never have imagined to do in my life, and I have pushed myself where I did not think I could go. It is strange to think how a small diary born for fun has become the reality it is now, it is strange to think how Misya changed my life and it is even stranger to have created around the site a micro world made up of many people who are connected to me and my recipes.
From you who read the pages of my blog every day, from the girls of the Facebook group, from Twitter followers or those who follow the YouTube channel, I take the push and the charge to do better and be able to be faithful to myself, always. Today I celebrate with so much joy these past 9 years, but I also think back to all the way I have done to cultivate my blog, and also to all the times I wanted to give up everything but that I gritted my teeth. Oh yes, friends because over the years going from a small online diary made by a girl who had just started cooking to a site that today is taken as a reference point by many people, perhaps to learn how to cook, is not easy. Engaging with other people who may be counting on you and your work is often stressful.
But luckily I'm not alone, I can count on my family who supports me, helps me and encourages me every day, on my husband who is the rock to lean on when I'm about to fall, on the support of the girls who work with me, Carolina, Caterina, Daniela, Diletta and Francesca, who stimulate me every day with new ideas, with the great help of the moderators who follow the Facebook group Anna, Francesca, Pino and Rosalba, precious friends who take care of the management of one of the cooking groups bigger than Facebook.
And of you ... who with your comments, emails and private messages make me feel a crazy warmth, which often warms my days and gives me the energy to go on.
In short, this morning a lot of talk, but to conclude, a delicious recipe that I developed for the occasion, of mojito cupcakes that I offer you virtually inviting you to blow out the candles with me. What else to add, happy birthday to all of us!


How to make mojito cupcakes

Work with butter and brown sugar cream.

Add the eggs, rum, vanilla and lime juice and mix.

Mix the flour with the baking powder and the grated lime zest and add it to the mixture.

Work the mixture until you get a homogeneous mixture

Fill the buttered and floured molds (or lined with cups, as I did) to half the height of the cup.

Bake in a preheated convection oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes (as always, the toothpick test is worth it).

Once ready, let it cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the frosting.
Grate the lime peel and chop the mint.

Put philadelphia, sugar and herbs in a bowl and work with a whisk.

Separately, whip the cream, then add it and incorporate it into the cream cheese.

With the help of a pastry bag, garnish the cupcakes with the Philadelphia frosting.

Decorate with a lime wedge and a few mint leaves.

And your mojito cupcakes are ready.



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