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Fruit salad

Fruit salad

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Fruit salad recipe of of 04-07-2018 [Updated on 02-10-2018]

There fruit salad usually it is the one who closes an excellent lunch, at home or in a restaurant. In summer it is very often also consumed for breakfast or during the break, this is because it is regenerating, beautiful fresh and can be prepared in no time. Another great advantage of fruit salad is that it can be prepared in various ways, based on the types of fruit we already have at home or based on seasonality and personal tastes. There fresh fruit salad that I present today is very colorful but also very tasty, I used strawberries, cherries, peaches, grapes and kiwi and then I added some whipped Cream. How do you usually do it?


How to make fruit salad

Peel the kiwi and cut it into cubes.
Clean the strawberries, remove the stalk and cut them into four parts.

Now clean and pit the cherries, peel and cut the peach into cubes, wash and remove the grapes from the bunch.

Transfer all the fruit into a bowl and add sugar and lime juice.

Gently mix and pour into the bowls.
Serve with whipped cream and mint leaves.

Your fruit salad is ready, add some whipped cream and a few fresh mint leaves.

Video: How to make Fruit Salad using canned fruit cocktail (June 2022).


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