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Walnuts sauce

Walnuts sauce

Recipe of walnut sauce of 06-11-2015 [Updated on 11-05-2016]

The walnut sauce is a typical Ligurian condiment based on chopped walnuts together with olive oil, garlic, salt and bread softened in milk. It is excellent for seasoning pasta (usually pansotti are used) but also spread on croutons is a real pleasure.The walnut sauce recipe is very simple to make, but the cleaning of the kernels, which must first be blanched in boiling water and then peeled manually one by one, it's a big bore, so I suggest you do this operation in company as I did;) Recipe aside, I wanted to tell you about yesterday, I was in Rome guest of a television program that goes broadcast on Tv2000, I was very agitated but, as soon as I arrived, they immediately put me at ease, it was a really good experience and I am happy to have faced this other little challenge as well. I will then let you know when the episodes are on the air, so then you can tell me how I managed; P I'll leave you with the walnut sauce and go to record the new video recipes, today it will be a walk;)


How to make Casarecce in walnut sauce

Soften the slices of bread in a bowl with milk.

Blanch the walnut kernels for a couple of minutes.

Then drain the walnuts and dry them on a clean cloth.

Peel the walnuts by removing the skin and put them in a mixer

Squeeze the bread and put it in the mixer along with the garlic clove, Parmesan cheese and salt

Chop everything until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Then add the oil and the milk, continuing to whisk until you get a smooth sauce.

Keep the walnut sauce in the fridge until ready to serve

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