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Pasta with cod

Pasta with cod

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Pasta recipe with cod of of 08-07-2018 [Updated on 02-10-2018]

There pasta with cod is a simple but delicious seafood first course. With this dish I know I am not following the season but, really, if you like this fish you cannot fail to add this one among the recipes with cod to try. To make this recipe I made a sauce with cherry tomatoes, olives and capers and obviously cod, and I chose paccheri to give the dish a more refined note. The only precaution for the excellent result of the dish is to use fish that has already been desalted in order not to ruin the recipe.


How to make pasta with cod

Peel the garlic and cut it into small pieces together with the chilli.
Fry the latter in a pan with a little oil.

Remove the skin from the desalted cod and cut it into pieces.
Also add it to the pan together with the desalted capers and pitted olives.

Cook a few minutes and deglaze with the wine, then add the cherry tomatoes.
Continue cooking with the lid on for about 15 minutes over low heat.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water.

Drain the pasta al dente, and add it to the pan with the fish sauce, adding the chopped parsley.
If necessary, add a ladle of cooking water and mix.

Your pasta with cod is ready to be brought to the table.

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