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Bread cups

Bread cups

We wash the meat well and then we cut it a little from place to place, we season it with salt and pepper to taste,

In a larger bowl beat eggs with salt, pepper, paprika to taste, add flour to make a dough similar to pancakes,

We pass the cups through the prepared dough and then we pass through the breadcrumbs on both sides,

We fry them in oil heated over low heat to make them inside, then at the end we turn the heat to higher to get a crispy crust,

Take out an absorbent napkin,

We served it with pilaf

What is a hot air fryer?

A hot air fryer is essentially a mini convection oven. If you already have a built-in electric oven or have been curious to inspect such a model in showrooms, you have probably noticed that many devices come with a fan. The role of this fan is to speed up the convection process, more precisely to wrap the food in the oven with a continuous flow of hot air, to improve the baking process and to significantly highlight the qualities of certain dishes.

As you well know from physics, heat propagates through conduction, convection and radiation. If in the case of a frying pan we only have conduction, when it comes to the oven we are dealing with a combination of radiation and convection. This convection can be natural & # 8211 for example in a gas oven without a fan & # 8211 or forced, if the fan is used. Continuously moving the heat around the food will ensure even baking and a more pleasant crust.

Well, and yet what does the hot air have to do with the frying pan, because most of the time we associate the word fryer with that? The easiest way I can explain this is by referring to Jamie Oliver's famous baked potato recipes:

These potatoes are a combination of baked and fried, even if they were not cooked in an oil bath. This is because the thin film of fat that covered the surface of the potatoes fried them on the outside due to the flow of hot air from the oven. The same thing happens with a hot air fryer.

We are dealing with a very strong resistance located at the top of the device over which we have a fan. That fan forcibly directs the hot air into the tray where we have the food. Those strong currents of warm air will envelop the culinary products and will use the small amount of natural or added fat to simulate frying. Therefore, as long as we use an amount of oil appropriate to cover the outer surfaces of food, the results will be very pleasing.

However, if you think about the classic french fries & # 8211 in the big restaurants for example & # 8211 you will probably be disappointed. That taste and texture can only be obtained by frying in an oil bath. But if some kind of hybrid between frying and baking sounds interesting & # 8211 the way we deal with a much lower caloric content and a more than acceptable taste & # 8211 then a hot air fryer might be exactly what you need.

Breaded chicken legs

Boil the chicken legs.

Put the cooked chicken legs in the egg, breadcrumbs and then again in the egg.

Then fry in a pan with hot oil.

Fry for 3-4 minutes on each side.

They can be served with a vegetable garnish or mashed potatoes.

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