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14 Soups and Sandwiches to Make From Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

14 Soups and Sandwiches to Make From Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Check out these next-day recipes that will make you thankful for leftovers this year

14 Soups and Sandwiches to Make From Your Thanksgiving Leftovers


Day-After-Thanksgiving Croque Madame

Leftover Cauliflower Soup

You always got to think ahead! When I make my mac ‘n’ cheese for Thanksgiving, I bake it in a muffin tray so you can have a bunch of little individual-sized portions. That way when there are leftovers you just pop the tray back in the oven to reheat and you can serve them as an appetizer at a potluck or party days later. Who doesn’t like a muffin sized mac ‘n’ cheese? I do this with stuffing, too! We also always make creamed cauliflower for Thanksgiving. Most people make a more traditional turkey soup with their leftovers but I like to make a creamier version with the leftover creamed cauliflower and turkey. — Willie Degel

For the Leftover Cauliflower Soup recipe, click here.

Leftover Turkey Croque Monsieur Sandwich

Leftover Turkey Sandwich Topped with Muenster Cheese and Cranberry Sauce

Mom's Turkey Soup

In my family, Black Friday lunch is all about the turkey-leftovers sandwich, but for dinner, it's always turkey soup. This soup is a great — not to mention light and easy — way to continue enjoying the flavors of Thanksgiving after the big feast has come and gone. — Maryse Chevriere

For Mom’s Turkey Soup recipe, click here.

Next-Day Turkey Sliders

Thanksgiving Turkey BLT Sandwiches with Sriracha Mayo

After all of the heavy eating on Thanksgiving Day, it is normal to feel full for the remaining week. But, with a bounty of leftovers, it is the perfect opportunity to feed your friends and keep the Thanksgiving entertainment going. I like to make my friends delicious Turkey BLTs with Sriracha Mayo. It is a great way to use my leftover turkey. The sandwiches aren't too heavy, so there are no flashbacks of too much stuffing and pumpkin pie. — Lauren Gordon

For the Thanksgiving Turkey BLT Sandwiches with Sriracha Mayo recipe, click here.

The Ultimate Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

Troy Guard's Turkey Club

Turkey Laab

Tim Wildin is Brand Director for ShopHouse. He likes to use his Thanksgiving leftovers to create a Thai alternative to the turkey sandwich: “My dad (American) would always make fun of my mom (Thai) and I because he'd say we would make Thai food from leftovers of the most American meal of the year. We'd shred the leftover turkey, mince it really finely, and make 'laab' (a Thai minced meat salad, for lack of a better term) with it. Much better than a turkey sandwich!” — Lauren Gordon

For the Turkey Laab recipe, click here.

Turkey Soup with Dumplings


Making soup from the carcass of the turkey never seems to disappoint. Adding dumplings brings a hearty deliciousness to the broth and the fresh veggies a satisfying bowl of comfort. I use orzo pasta because it can stand up in the soup without getting too soft or soggy! - Cristina Ferrare

For the Turkey Soup with Dumplings recipe, click here.

Wild Rice and Turkey Soup

Turkey Pesto Asiago Panini with Cranberry Served with Pan-Fried Stuffing

Wild Rice and Turkey Chowder



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