It is a drink that we often drink as children when our throats hurt or we were cold. It is easy to make, good in taste, nutritious and healthy.

  • 200 ml of milk
  • 1 egg yolk (raw)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Heat the milk and when it starts to boil, turn off the heat.

Rub the yolk with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Take a tablespoon of milk and add over the yolk, stirring.

When the mixture of milk and yolk is quite liquid, pour in the rest of the milk.

Caution: do not add the yolk directly over the hot milk because the yolk will coagulate.

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You can add honey or rum essence.


Serve only fresh.

Rice pudding with apples (with images)

Rice pudding preparation recipe with apples with pictures. I recommend you try this pudding recipe for sure. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Ingredients: 250 g rice, 1 liter of milk, 4 eggs, 6 tablespoons sugar, grated peel of 1 lemon, 1 vanilla pod. FoodTime TV Rice tart with milk and burnt sugar cream & raquo Kitchen. Burnt sugar cream and rice with milk & # 8211 alex juncu, my family kitchen. Oct It seems that rice pudding with apples is not just to your liking. Apple cake and burnt sugar cream & # 8211 RECIPE BOOK No Cook Desserts. While the rice is boiling, mix the eggs, sugar and cold milk in a bowl until the sugar melts.

Apple cake with burnt sugar cream. I boiled the rice in milk, along with the sugar and vanilla essence. Potato, celery and apple salad. Blog Recipes Culinary appetite.

Add the rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon and mix well. Sprinkle a little breadcrumbs on top or, when the pudding is almost cooked, an egg white. Pour over a plate and serve with soda, wine sauce or burnt sugar.

Alternative therapies

How to remove yellow spots from the armpit with 3 ingredients from the kitchen | Cosmetics. Don't throw away your white blouses just because they have yellow spots on your armpits. Find out how you can remove them effectively with three ingredients from your kitchen. Yellow spots removed with baking soda Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter cup of cold water and make a paste with the two ingredients. With a clean brush - a toothbrush that you no longer use or a nail brush - and rub the yellowed area thoroughly with paste.

Leave on for an hour, then wash the clothes in the washing machine, with cold water or at most lukewarm. Vodka against yellow stains Make a solution of equal parts of water and vodka, then let the stained blouse soak. Remove yellow spots with aspirin Break an aspirin pill and let the pieces dissolve in a glass of warm water. Prof. Dr. Iamandescu: "On baroque music, neurons acquire a rhythm specific to geniuses" Is it true that music can make us feel less pain? Music plays a much more important role than we might think. in antiquity they even went so far as to use the flute near the area affected by the lumbago. Beyond that, music has proven its therapeutic possibilities psychologically and somatically. For example, the analgesic, pain-relieving effect has been dramatically highlighted in women undergoing uterine curettage.

Those who listened only to the music felt less pain than those who took painkillers. Music is widely used in gynecology, now and in surgery. You studied the effects of music on the body and wrote a treatise on music therapy. I wrote the first treatise on receptive music therapy, and in a week or two a new edition of this treatise will appear, which has been improved by the contribution of nine personalities in the field of international music therapy. Yes. Let's go back to the musical tastes. What about manele? Prof. Dr. Iamandescu: "On baroque music, neurons acquire a rhythm specific to geniuses" This plant is the most useful medicine on Earth! Surely you met her and stepped on her saying "What a weed!".

Many times you have tried to remove it from your yard or garden. This ignored weed is one of the most useful drugs known so far and unfortunately is not appreciated at its true value. Plantain, appreciated and called by Native Americans "White man's foot" is an extraordinary plant, despite the environment in which it is most often found. It generally grows on construction sites or between curbs, due to its preference for growing in sandy soils.

There are different varieties of this plant, but each of them produces the same extraordinary results. There are several varieties of plantain, but they all produce the same results. Plantain is an effective remedy against mosquitoes. Both the leaves and the seeds of this plant aim to heal the digestive system. Sources: “Prescription for Herbal Healing: 2nd Edition” - Phyllis A. Doctor H - TVH. Top 10 precious exotic spices for health and weight maintenance. For many of us, spices are just colorful sachets or jars that we throw in the shopping cart because of recipes that require their use. For people in the past, however, these fragrant powders were more than that.

Just think that the pepper you now grind over your favorite food was worth its weight in gold in the old days, and the nutmeg used in soda even led to riots, resulting in casualties and numerous financial losses (the famous eggnog was consumed in various combinations with alcohol, President George Washington himself being a fan of this preparation, he preferring the one with rum, brandy, liqueur or whiskey). Over time, with the discovery of new continents, people have learned the true value of these aromatic powders not only in gastronomic practice, but also in various diseases that mankind has been facing for thousands of years.

Contents Turmeric Cardamom Saffron Poppy Anise up. Interview with a Tibetan Ayurvedic doctor SPIRITUALITY. Reporter (Interview): -When a patient comes to the consultation, how do you find out what his illness is? The Tibetan doctor: - Observing how he moves, his posture, the way he looks at me. He doesn't need to talk to me or explain what's happening to him. An experienced Tibetan doctor knows why the patient is suffering or only if he is less than 10 meters away from him.

Reporter (Interview): - You still take the patient's pulse. - This is how I get the necessary information about the patient's health. Reporter (Interview): - And then, how do you heal? - With your hands, with your eyes and with the help of herbal and mineral preparations. Reporter (Interview): - According to Tibetan medicine, what is the origin of diseases? -Our ignorance. Reporter (Interview): -Sorry my ignorance, but what do you mean by ignorance? - Don't know you don't know. Reporter (Interview): - How can I be as ignorant as possible? - I'll give you a very simple method: practicing compassion.

Reporter (Interview): - What problems do you see in the West? Handmadegreen. Melotherapy works wonders. Music therapy cures multiple ailments. By Gabriela Dumba Read also. TAGS: melotherapy, music, ailments, therapists, hormones Most of the time we are our own therapists, even without realizing it, when after a tiring day we get home and the first thing we do to relax is to listen to music preferred.

We immediately regain our composure, we feel the stress disappear, the negative thoughts give way to the beautiful ones, and the depression that had taken over us gives way to happiness. Melotherapy can treat mental or emotional disorders, certain mental blockages, hidden aggressions, but also some psychosomatic illnesses, such as asthma or eating disorders. Music awakens the spirit of freedom, consciousness, removes pessimism and melancholy, improves sleep quality and creativity, reducing stress and depression. Melotherapy can have a strong effect against pain and fatigue, as it stimulates the release of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones. Bowen technique - a gift from God - Other therapies - Many have asked Tom Bowen how he knew how to conceive and develop this treatment technique.

His answer was always the same: it is a gift from God! How it appeared In the early twentieth century, in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, Tom Bowen was born - the one who would conceive and practice for the first time in the world the Bowen or Bowtech technique. Although he wanted to become a doctor, after graduating from school, little Tom began his apprenticeship to become a carpenter, just like his father. In 1941 Tom married Jessie Mclean. His wife was suffering from asthma and needed to be hospitalized quite often. Over time, Tom began to apply some personal methods to help her overcome her asthma attacks. In his free time, Tom went to the Geelong Sports Club because he loved swimming, cycling and cricket.

Tom Bowen was always available for asthmatics and pregnant women, often going to their home in the middle of the night if called. Dr. Are you in pain? Give up ibuprofen and try these natural alternatives Life in bright green. The way your body tells you it's wrong - it's usually through pain. For many, however, the pain is chronic and of high intensity, so only the constant use of anesthetics can calm it.

The recommendation that most doctors give is an aspirin or an ibuprofen pill when the pain occurs and the rest to live. But is this approach really effective or safe? As you probably know, many anesthetics are derived from herbs, plants and other substances with natural pain-relieving abilities. You don't usually hear about these natural sources of pain relief in the media because they are not a source of income for large pharmaceutical companies, which earn millions from the sale of synthetic and licensed imitations, but which are often accompanied by harmful side effects. The good news is that there are many natural ways you can eliminate pain without destroying vital organs and without risking premature death. 71 Songs with Relaxing and Ambient Music for the Moments When You Read or Study - Florin Roșoga.

The Most Surprising Combination That Will Heal Your Whole Body The secrets. 1 4118Google +1 7 0 4 4152An article by Calin Petru Barbulescu After reading the combination below, we bet you will go home urgently to start preparing it, especially since you have the ingredients right in your kitchen. You will not be able to believe what you will choose after consuming it. Necessary ingredients: - 1 clove of garlic - Juice of 2 lemons - 100 grams of organic honey - A teaspoon of baking soda Preparation method: Peel and cut the garlic into very small pieces, then mix with lemon juice , honey and baking soda. This combination is made by the Tibetan people, who recognize it as one of the best and easiest combinations with an absolutely amazing effect on health.

This "medicine" is used by Tibetans for the following health conditions: Treatment: - For the treatment of cancer, 3 teaspoons are administered daily for 6 months a year, one month yes, one month no. THE HOLY PLANT that the BIBLE mentions! It is used for NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC EFFECTS! Oct 13, 2014 by Ciprian Cobzaru - The Bible reminds in ancient writings that this holy plant was used in many rituals of healing and purification of the body, such as promoting the elimination of water from tissues, stimulating appetite or antiseptic and healing effects on wounds.

Hyssop, the famous plant in the Psalms of David, which in Greek means "holy plant", is used as an ornamental plant, but also healing. If you have problems with your lungs or digestive tract, use hyssop treatments, which phytotherapists recommend, with confidence. Hyssop prevents and cures infections that form in the throat, cough, whooping cough, bronchitis and sinus problems. It is also good to administer hyssop powder to create a laxative action that heals the intestinal mucosa. Fight anemia Oct 13, 2014 by Ciprian Cobzaru - Fight anemia. Confession of a former smoker Psychologies. "I smoked for the first time when I was nine years old.

Nobody told me how strong the adrenaline will be, I only knew that I could drown and that you were dizzy, but I didn't know how important I would feel doing something that went beyond my parents' demands. At the age of 15, entering high school, the shock of not being known by everyone, observing the behavior of smokers and the desire to avenge my parents for their absence laid the foundation of the decision that would somehow influence my life: "I show them ! I start smoking! ». At first, I felt my muscles contract, in a continuous frown and pride, when I smoked. The model child had become the rebellious child. The cigarette went from the instrument of torture of the parents, from the torch of popularity, from the signal of help, to the refuge, to the thing I knew best, the only one that offered security.

Everything I am as an adult also depended on that. I came to need smoking, I can't go anywhere without cigarettes. The easiest natural remedy for migraine healing. Ginger seems to be nature's remedy for any pain. Do you suffer from indigestion? Take ginger. Don't have an appetite? Chew some ginger. Does your throat hurt? You guessed it, you need some ginger. Do you have dizziness? But what about migraines? The ancient root of India has anti-inflammatory properties that can block the chemical transmitters - prostagladins - that lead to inflammation in the brain. When using food as a medicine, it is best to keep it fresh. Nature provides us with foods that can heal our bodies, so it is advisable to eat them in their fresh form. Ginger is a culinary and medicinal miracle. How to choose it Ginger can be found in the vegetable and fruit section of the supermarket. Organic or regular Because it has such a thin skin, ginger is easily exposed to fertilizers, which is why organic ginger is an ideal option.

To clean it or not to clean it How to store it Ginger tea Korean ginger tea. How to do microdermabrasion at home | Cosmetics. You don't always need sophisticated equipment to be beautiful and neat. See how to make microdermabrasion at home, with an ingredient found in any household. Baking soda is often mentioned when it comes to DIY facials.

Not only does it cleanse your skin of dead cells and give you a healthy glow, but it also helps you fight acne. If you have oily or combination skin, baking soda soothes the activity of the sebaceous glands and removes excess fat from the face, neck and décolleté. AFA seaweed - Natural medicine - Number 1019 - Year 2012. The flower hidden under water: Its name is an abbreviation of the scientific name - Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, which in translation means "flower hidden under water".

Beyond its poetic scientific name, this alga has therapeutic properties that can rightly be considered invaluable. I owe to this alga a unique experiment in the field of plant healing, and its protagonist was a close friend, who faced the following phenomenon: after a 4-week cure with this alga, which he took to strengthen immunity, as written in the leaflet, he woke up one night with a burning pain in place of an old kick.

The trauma was six years old, and the muscle tissue and skin had not fully recovered, leaving him like a deep hole in his leg, with doctors telling him that it would be "a sign for life". Business card A state-of-the-art finder Method of administration AFA seaweed capsules AFA complex capsules Therapeutic applications. Why kombucha is called an "immortal elixir of health" So far you've probably heard of kombucha, the probiotic-rich tea that many people use daily and which is increasingly appreciated by people concerned with a style of healthy life. Kombucha has gained in popularity as an exotic and enjoyable way to consume probiotics, which supports the invaluable community of microorganisms inside the body, a community known as your microbiome.

This is a health fad that deserves applause - microbiologists are constantly discovering new reasons to take care of the beneficial bacteria in your body, which is absolutely essential to maintaining optimal health. Kombucha is not, however, a new creation. It can boast a 2000-year history as a famous weapon that fights diseases such as arthritis, cancer and boosts immunity - the ancient Chinese even called it the "Immortal Elixir of Health". Excellent (and delicious) support for your intestinal flora Detoxifying elixir. Natural Hair Dye for Rosemary and Sage. White mistletoe - the 4 miraculous properties. Tibetan vision exercise. Efficient Natural Deodorant - Recipe. An ancient recipe for tea that increases life expectancy. MANUKA honey - the most powerful natural antibiotic. Lavender oil: properties, benefits, uses, recipe.

Herba Levantina | Facebook. Lavanda Antoniei - Oradea-Mare, Bihor, Romania - Agricultural Service, Manufacturing | Facebook. The coolest exercise that helps you evolve Incense Oil - Medicinal Properties and Uses. 3 exercises to treat back pain Life in bright green. Schuessler salts: a 100% natural treatment for cleansing the skin. 20 Things You Should Say More Often. People who feed on the Light. Deva Premal's healing music. Sanskrit sound is an energetic phenomenon Spirituality. Lemon and baking soda, a powerful healing combination. Natural Room Air Freshener Recipe. Untitled. People can extract energy from other people in the same way that plants do. 5 reasons why it is good to take a shower with cold water. Timeline Photos - Life in bright green | Facebook. True health means taking advantage of every day.

Alkaline Water Recipe at Home. How I cleaned my skin restoring the health of my intestinal flora. Plants that cut the appetite for cigarettes. Coffee grounds: 12 practical uses that you probably didn't know! The top five points of acupressure and regaining emotional balance ‹Personal development and spirituality! Incense, medicine for body and soul Health.

The holy grass. It is a natural ANTIBIOTIC, protects the lungs, fights anemia. Natural Antibiotics Hidden in Your Kitchen! Untitled. You won't believe this, a Woman Replaced 40 Drugs with the Miraculous Hemp Leaf Juice! - Secrets. Sea buckthorn - regenerating, rejuvenating, immunostimulatory properties Phytotherapy. Hidromel | Drinks. Hair mask with castor oil stimulates hair growth Andreea Raicu. 12 natural anti - cold remedies Health. THE ELIXIR OF YOUTH - Recipe For Immunity. You indicate that you are a spiritually "healthy" person. Music therapy. 5 natural recipes for coughs and sore throats »Sideris Ecoblog - Your guide to natural beauty. A history of organic cosmetics Psychologies. La Taifas - Ointment For Wounds And Skin Infections - Recipe. Relaxation techniques and health benefits. Relaxation methods. Ancient medicine aZn japan: History of universal medicine Diseases and treatments.

The tradition of natural medicine in Romanian. Home - Dr. Doru Laza Association. Parsley tea cleanses the skin of blemishes and imperfections. Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Warts Or Warts Health. PHOTO Unique project in Romania: Sensory Garden where people can walk barefoot, experiencing real relaxation therapies. Sophrology. Sophrology. Church and Christian Medicine - Sun, 20 Oct 2013 15:59:19. Therapeutic power of trees Other therapies. Therapeutic power of trees Other therapies.

2. Burn some dried Ai Ye leaves

In some areas of China, people burn dried Ai Ye leaves, letting the smoke into every room of the house. It seems that this plant has antibacterial and antiseptic effects. The smoke emitted by the burning of the leaves kills the bacteria, viruses and microbes in the house, and in this way people are protected from the flu and seasonal colds. However, if you are already cold, it is recommended not to inhale the smoke because you will wake up with even more sore throats. If you want to get this plant, it would be recommended to look for it in stores that sell organic and natural products.

Does your throat hurt?

Did the heat of those days cause you to cool off with cold water or ice cream? Now your throat hurts and you don't know how to get rid of this discomfort faster? Natural products and traditional cures can help.

Replace iced drinks and water from the refrigerator with lukewarm teas. The most suitable are thyme (an exceptional natural antibiotic), rosehip and sea buckthorn (they have a lot of vitamin C). These teas can be sweetened with honey, and for increased efficiency add 10-15 drops of propolis / cup.

I can also help you:

  • chicken soups with garlic
  • belts with lemon juice and sugar
  • soda belts (milk mixture, 4 quail eggs, honey and a little butter)
  • gargle with arnica flower tea in which we put a pinch of sea salt
  • gargle with Swedish bitter
  • tampons, in the area of ​​the tonsils, with methylene blue
  • poultices with potato slices around the neck
  • poultices with raw, crushed cabbage around the neck
  • poultices with sea salt, heated and placed around the neck.

Here are some natural remedies you can try:

Vitamin C complex & # 8211 helps with sore throats, and the B complex will give you a feeling of well-being. Administration: 2-3 tablets / day. Price: 12 lei

Eucalyptus Oil & # 8211 Fares & # 8211 acts in case of sore throat, has calming action. Administration: 2-4 drops 3 times / day. Price: 9 lei

Propol Pur & # 8211 Pour & # 8211 has antiseptic and disinfectant action. Administration: 2-3 tablets / day, after which 1/2 hour nothing is consumed. Price: 23 lei

Propol 2 Spray Strong Pour & # 8211 can be used for sore throats. Administration: applications directly in the oral cavity, 4 puffs each, 4 times / day. Price: 30 lei

The products presented can be found in the natural product stores from 2 K Splaiul Independenţei Street and 104 Lipscani Street.

Other remedies

MAXISUDOR & # 8211 cream for the treatment of exudation, ideal in tonsillitis. With bay leaf, juniper and verbena.

ROSEMARY BALM & # 8211 cream for local neck massage, in the amygdala area, based on rosemary and natural camphor.

BIOPRINT WITH ALGAE & # 8211 algae mask, good for inflamed tonsils. Apply to the skin, leave for a while and then remove.

PERFUMED BALSAMIC FLUID & # 8211 gives the sensation of fresh and deep breathing, in case of redness in the throat and tonsillitis.

Sodou - Recipes

For many of us, spices are just colorful sachets or jars that we throw in the shopping cart because of recipes that require their use. For people of the past, however, these fragrant powders were more than that.

Just think that the pepper you now grind over your favorite food was worth its weight in gold in the old days, and the nutmeg used in soda even led to riots, resulting in casualties and numerous financial losses (the famous eggnog was consumed in various combinations with alcohol, President George Washington himself being a fan of this preparation, he preferring the one with rum, brandy, liqueur or whiskey).

Over time, with the discovery of new continents, people have learned the true value of these aromatic powders not only in gastronomic practice, but also in various ailments that mankind has faced for thousands of years.

For example, nutmeg was considered a miraculous cure for the plague in the 1600s, which claimed more than 35,000 lives in London at the time.

Also, going through the history of spices, we find out that the famous botanist Culpepper recommends ginger to patients "with problems in the intimate sphere".

After the discovery of vanilla, made by Cortez in Mexico, it did not take long for this precious spice to reach European territory, chefs and doctors finding many uses, from the valuable ingredient in cakes to the natural medicine used against impotence. The aroma of vanilla is supposed to exacerbate the senses, which is probably why vanilla is not allowed in the kitchen of monasteries (so as not to induce lewd behavior).

Other spice candidates for aphrodisiac plant status are coriander, nutmeg, cumin, saffron, chilli, cinnamon and even mustard seeds.

Medical evidence of the benefits of spices does not stop appearing, which is why we have made a list of the most precious spices in the world, which you should include as often as possible in the diet, not only to give a perfect taste to culinary preparations. , but also to keep you away from various health problems.

Turmeric - reduces inflammation in the body and thus prevents the development of cancer. In India, turmeric paste was and still is used to speed up the healing of wounds, cuts and scars.

The active substance in turmeric, curcumin, is what actually gives the highly praised beneficial effects. According to studies, it is able to relieve arthritis-specific pain, dental pain, could play an important role in controlling blood sugar, blood pressure and can even prevent Alzheimer's disease.

In addition to curcumin, turmeric also contains high levels of manganese, iron, vitamin B6, potassium, elements so important for the proper functioning of vital functions.

The aroma of turmeric is very intense, so do not overdo it. Turmeric is mainly used to flavor chicken, turkey or duck to give color to rice or as a dressing (in combination with olive oil) for vegetable salads.

Cardamom - prevents gum infections, dissolves kidney stones and relieves heartburn. This spice is used mainly in Indian cuisine, but also in Scandinavian cuisine, and is considered a real cure in Ayurvedic medicine. However, the high price of cardamom determines its low use in gastronomy. Saffron and vanilla are also very expensive spices, due to the small amount obtained from the collection process (out of 1500,000 flowers, only one kilogram of saffron is collected, harvesting by hand).

Cardamom has a very strong specific aroma and a slightly lemon taste, but which acquires a strong and characteristic smoky smell, being used especially in the preparation of meat marinades. In ancient Egypt, cardamom seeds were chewed to clean teeth and refresh the breath, and the Greeks even used it as a perfume because of its intense aroma.

Coffee with the addition of a few ground cardamom seeds will have a special aroma, a custom that is preserved today in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, and in India, cardamom is used to make a special tea called Masala Chai, a spicy drink with special therapeutic effects.

The Arabs also call this spice "the plant of love" due to its aphrodisiac effects, and the Indians consider it a real remedy against obesity. Cardamom can also be used in the preparation of desserts, such as rice pudding, sweetened with honey and seasoned in equal proportions with cinnamon, ginger, saffron, coriander and cardamom.

Saffron - treats depression and insomnia, prevents gastric acidity and fights urinary tract infections. This spice originates from Nepal, and today the largest producer of saffron is Iran. Saffron has been used since antiquity for its special chromatic qualities (wedding dresses were colored) and gastronomic (it is suitable for both salty dishes such as rice, couscous, fish, and in desserts, such as an orange salad ), but also for its therapeutic virtues.

Saffron contains B-complex vitamins, iron, potassium, sodium and provitamin A (carotenoids with health benefits). Recent studies have shown that saffron has antioxidant, anticancer, anesthetic and sedative properties. Thus, this exotic spice could play a key role in preventing diseases of the 21st century, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases. There are also drugs currently available to cure acne and other skin diseases that contain saffron.

Poppy - lowers cholesterol, eliminates stress and treats headaches. Poppy seeds are mainly used in pastry, as an ingredient in the composition of certain cakes, or in bakeries, where they sit in a place of honor on the daily bread or on the pretzel enjoyed in the morning, along with a yogurt. But they can also be added to salads, the taste being discreet but the benefits visible to the naked eye.

Seminţele de mac sunt bogate în hidraţi de carbon, lecitina, acid oxalic, alcalozi, acizi graşi, mangan, magneziu, zinc, cupru şi calciu, compuşi care ajută la creşterea nivelului de energie şi care previn numeroase boli, printre care şi cancerul, în special cel de colon. De asemenea, seminţele de mac sunt excelente pentru a calma stările de anxietate, stres, nervozitate şi pentru a îmbunătăţi capacitatea de memorare.

Şi sistemul digestiv are de câştigat în urma consumului de mac, acesta accelerând arderile şi stimulând producţia de acid gastric. Fosforul din seminţele de mac fac din acest condiment un real duşman pentru osteoporoză, favorizând absorbţia rapidă a calciului în organism şi promovând astfel un sistem osos sănătos.

Anasonul – stimulează pofta de mâncare, ameliorează durerile menstruale şi reumatismul. Acest condiment şi plantă medicinală totodată este un ingredient de bază al licorii poeţilor francezi, absintul. În urmă cu mai bine de 2400 de ani, Pitagora considera această plantă aromatică un adjuvant pentru crizele epileptice, iar în secolul 14 anasonul era atât de valoros încât din taxele de import pentru el a fost reparat Podul Londrei.

Anasonul este, din păcate, un condiment folosit destul de rar în bucătăria românească. Gustul picant al acestuia şi aroma sa intensă acompaniază perfect preparatele mediteraneene, cum ar fi peştele ori carnea de pui, însă poate fi folosit şi în deserturi, cum ar fi de exemplu perele coapte în unt, care capătă o aromă fabuloasă şi un gust autentic, fin, chiar regal am putea spune. Trebuie avut grijă însă la cantitatea de anason folosită deoarece este extrem de parfumat.

Fructele de anason conţin, pe lângă uleiuri volatile, care conferă parfumul specific, lipide, amidon, minerale, complexul de vitamina B, calciu, fosfor, vitamina A şi numeroşi compuşi care contribuie la menţinerea stării de sănătate.

Tonka – combate retenţia de apă din organism, elimină paraziţii intestinali şi stimulează libidoul. Boabele de tonka sunt renumite pentru gustul lor de migdale dulci, cu o aromă persistentă şi note de vanilie şi caramel, fiind folosite în special la prepararea diverselor prăjituri cu ciocolată, creme, sufleuri sau îngheţate.

De asemenea, boabele de tonka se potrivesc perfect în dulceţuri sau în sosurile de roşii. Seminţele de tonka au însă şi utilizări non-culinare, acestea fiind folosite frecvent în produsele cosmetice, în parfumuri sau chiar pentru aromatizarea tutunului.

Fenicul – întăreşte sistemul imunitar, previne bolile cardiovasculare şi ameliorează tulburările digestive. În mitologia greacă, feniculul era considerat una dintre plantele favorite ale zeului mâncării şi băuturii Dionis datorită proprietăţilor medicinale extraordinare dar şi pentru gustul specific.

Din păcate, în bucătăria românească este rar utilizat, acesta regăsindu-se cu seamă în arta gastronomică italiană sau franţuzească, unde acompaniază perfect supele ori ciorbele, mâncărurile la cuptor, fructele de mare, peştele, chifteluţele din carne sau iaurtul.

De asemenea, seminţele de fenicul mai sunt folosite în compoziţia pâinii de secară sau a diverselor produse de brutărie. Această plantă aromatică deţine niveluri semnificative de vitamina C, urmată de fibre, potasiu, mangan, acid folic, calciul, fier, magneziu, vitamina B3 şi flavonoizi, substanţe cu proprietăţi antioxidante, diuretice şi dezinfectante.

Nucşoara - reduce durerile de articulaţii şi pe cele musculare, îmbunătăţeşte circulaţia sângelui şi tratează insomnia. Nucşoara este un condiment exotic rar folosit în reţetele româneşti şi, chiar dacă este înrudită cu scorţişoara, se deosebeşte de aceasta prin aromă, gust şi proprietăţi. Acest condiment exotic este considerat a fi bogăţia Olandei, unde se prepară numeroase feluri de mâncare care au ca ingredient nucşoara.

Folosită sub formă de pulbere, nucşoara dă un gust desăvârşit piureului de cartofi, dovleceilor şi cartofilor gratinaţi, iar în supele cremă de legume şi în sosuri, aroma sa uşor picantă este exact ceea ce lipseşte. Trebuie reţinut însă faptul că nucşoara trebuie folosită cu măsură şi la momentul potrivit deoarece, dacă este supusă temperaturilor crescute, aceasta îşi pierde din savoare, motiv pentru care se recomandă adăugarea acesteia la finalul procesului de gătit.

Nucşoara conţine numeroase vitamine şi minerale (potasiu, calciu, fier, mangan) care întăresc sistemul imunitar, ajută digestia şi menţin creierul în cea mai bună formă (datorită miricistinei, o substanţă care protejează celulele neuronale şi împiedică deteriorarea acestora odată cu înaintarea în vârstă).

De asemenea, nucşoara amestecată cu un pic de apă şi miere, până când obţineţi o pastă, aplicată pe piele va conferi prospeţime şi curăţare în profunzime a tenului, reducând cicatricile lăsate de acnee şi lăsând pielea strălucitoare.

Cuişoarele - atenuează durerile de dinţi, combat durerile de stomac şi previn balonarea. Gustul lor intens şi iute, iar mirosul foarte puternic intensifică aroma preparatelor dulci şi le dă o savoare aparte. Cuişoarele sunt folosite mai ales pentru vinul fiert, însă pot fi adăugate şi în mâncăruri cu carne, peşte, vânat, tocăniţe sau marinate, precum şi în compoziţia ciocolatelor fine.

Deoarece uleiurile din fructele de cuişoare se evaporă rapid după măcinare, se recomandă păstrarea lor întregi şi râşnirea în funcţie de necesitate şi doar cu puţin timp înainte de utilizare. Însă pe lângă aroma deosebită a acestora, cuişoarele deţin o sumedenie de virtuţi terapeutice, datorită substanţei active numită eugenol, care conferă acestui condiment proprietăţi antibiotice, antifungice, analgezice şi antivirale.

Pe lângă faptul că ajută la sitmularea imunităţii, cuişoarele sunt un real aliat împotriva gastritelor, a balonării, a durerilor articulare şi reumatice şi ajută la împrospătarea respiraţiei (se poate mesteca un cuişor în loc de gumă de mestecat).

Paprika afumată

Paprika afumată – îmbunătăţeşte vederea, previne formarea cheagurilor de sânge, conferă energie şi ajută la arderea grăsimilor. Paprika afumată este un condiment obţinut prin pisarea ardeilor iuţi uscaţi şi afumaţi în mod natural timp de 15 zile cu lemn de stejar şi este cu adevărat specială dacă provine din Ungaria, Serbia California sau Spania, deoarece aceste ţări au o tradiţie îndelungată privind cultivarea celor mai bune soiuri de ardei şi procesul ireproşabil de realizare a acestui condiment.

Paprika afumată se potriveşte la orice tip de friptură, peste cartofii prăjiţi sau la cuptor, în tocăniţe, supe, gulaş sau preparate cu orez. În prezent, este folosită în toate ţările europene, cu precădere în Spania şi Portugalia, oferind un gust deosebit supelor, cârnăciorilor, preparatelor din legume şi salatelor.

Paprika conţine numeroase substanţe cu efect benefic asupra stării de sănătate, între care amintim carotenoizii (luteină şi zeaxantină), care protejează vederea, vitamina E, care ajută la prevenirea formării cheagurilor de sânge, îmbunătăţeşte circulaţia venoasă şi are rol antioxidant, prevenind inflamarea şi dezvoltarea celulor tumorale, şi fier, care susţine funcţia hemoglobinei, de transport de oxigen la ţesuturi şi organe vitale.

Şodou - Rețete

Preparation time: 2 h 30 min.

Complexitate: ridicată

Ingredient: Pentru aluatul de ştrudel: 200 g făină, 2 linguri ulei (20 ml), 1/8 l apă calduţă, 1 vîrf de cuţit sare.
Pentru umplutură: 60 g stafide, 50 ml rom, 80 g unt, 100 g pesmet alb, 110 g zahăr, 1 plic zahăr vanilat, 1 kg mere acrişoare, 50 g nuca zdrobită, 1 linguriţă scortişoară, coaja rasă de la 1/2 lămîie.
În plus: 150 g unt topit, zahăr farin pentru pudrat.

Method of preparation: Se frămîntă aluatul: Se pun într-un castron făina, uleiul, apa şi sarea şi se amestecă pînă ce se obţine o masă omogenă. Apoi se scoate aluatul şi se frămîntă cu mîna, pînă ce devine neted şi se desprinde de pe planşetă. Se adună, se face o sferă, se unge cu ulei, se bagă sub un vas încins şi se lasă să se odihnească circa o oră.
Se rumeneşte pesmetul: Se înmoaie stafidele în rom circa 20 de minute. Se topeşte untul într-o tigaie, se adaugă pesmetul şi 10 g de zahăr şi se rumenesc, amestecînd întruna. Apoi se scot pe o farfurie şi se lasă să se răcească.
Se prepară umplutura: Se spală merele, se curăţă de coajă şi se taie în opt. Se îndepărtează partea lemnoasă şi seminţele şi se taie (pe lat) felioare subţiri. Se pun într-un castron şi se adaugă stafidele înmuiate şi nucile zdrobite. Se amestecă restul de zahăr cu scortişoara şi, împreună cu coaja de lămîie, se încorporează în umplutura de mere şi stafide.
Se întinde aluatul cu sucitorul: Se presară cu un strat subţire de făină un şervet mare de bucătărie. Se apasă puţin sfera de aluat, apoi se aşează pe şervetul înfăinat şi se întinde cu sucitorul pînă ce se obţine un dreptunghi de circa 50x40 cm.
Se întinde aluatul cu mîna: Se prinde aluatul pe dedesubt cu dosul palmelor înfăinate şi se întinde cu grijă dinspre mijloc spre exterior, pînă ce dreptunghiul măsoară circa 60x45 cm. Este suficient de subţire atunci cînd se vede prin el modelul de pe ştergar.
Se aşează umplutura: Se unge (cu o pensulă) aluatul întins cu puţin unt topit şi se presară peste el pesmetul rumenit, lăsîndu-se de jur-împrejur o margine liberă de circa 2 cm. Apoi se întinde pe toată suprafaţa umplutura de mere cu stafide.
Se rulează ştrudelul: Se încinge cuptorul la 200 grade C. Cu ajutorul şervetului, se rulează ştrudelul, începand din capătul mai îngust pînă la mijloc. Se îndoaie spre interior marginile fără umplutură, pentru ca aceasta să nu iasă, se apasă puţin cu palmele şi se rulează apoi pînă la capăt.
Se unge cu unt: Se aşează ştrudelul pe o tavă unsă şi se unge cu jumătate din untul (topit) rămas. Se dă la cuptor şi se coace aproximativ o oră. Se scoate, se unge cu restul de unt, se lasă să se răcească circa 15 minute şi se pudrează cu zahăr farin.

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Dacă refuză să bea ceaiuri, îţi propunem să încerci următoarea „licoare”: pune într-o cratiţă 12 linguriţe de zahăr, lasă-l la caramelizat (ca la crema de zahar ars) şi toarnă apoi, instantaneu, un litru de apă. Lasă siropul format să fiarbă, după care adaugă în acesta câteva feliuţe de lămâie. Gustul dulce acrişor al ceaiului îl va face să creadă că bea un suc. Suc care, din fericire, datorită conţinutului de vitamina C, îl va proteja de o eventuală răceală și este unul dintre leacurile delicioase.

Pentru a scăpa de tusea seacă, dă-i celui mic 2-3 linguri pe zi cu sirop de ridiche neagră. Chiar dacă ţi se pare că ar putea fi neplăcut la gust, cel mic s-ar putea să-l adore și să-l treacă în categoria leacuri delocioase. Iată ce ai de făcut: spală bine o ridiche neagră, scobeşte-o cu vârful unui cuţit, îndepărtează miezul din scobitură, umple-o cu zahăr şi aşaz-o pe gura unui pahar.

Cum trataţi virozele respiratorii

Nici n-a început bine sezonul rece şi deja strănutaţi, aveţi o tuse puternică şi vă doare gâtul? Este foarte posibil să aveţi o viroză respiratorie.

Virozele sunt boli respiratorii cauzate de viruşi. Principala ca­uză ar putea fi slă­birea sistemului imunitar. Pe de altă parte, sunt multe persoane care răcesc foarte des. În acest caz se poate afirma că este vorba de o slăbire cro­nică a capa­ci­tăţii de apărare a or­ganismului. O mare par­te din vină o are şi ali­mentaţia total gre­şi­tă: mulţi oameni nu consumă legume şi fructe. Acestea furni­zea­ză organismului o cantitate apreciabilă de vitamine şi mine­ra­le.

Legumele şi fructele înlătură viruşii

Sunt persoane ca­re duc o viaţă de­zor­do­na­tă, cu puţine ore de somn şi fără să facă miş­care. Un mij­loc e­fi­cient de întă­ri­re a imu­nităţii îl constituie miş­carea fă­cu­tă regulat. Sim­p­to­me­le acestor viroze sunt: tuse persistentă, dureri în gât, răgu­şea­lă, fe­bră, dureri de cap şi musculare şi nas înfundat. Cum simţim că ne confruntăm cu aceste probleme trebuie să facem 3-4 zile cure cu su­curi, să bem ceaiuri de soc, păt­­lagină şi mu­­­guri de pin. E im­portant să începeţi să vă în­tă­riţi imu­­nitatea şi cu ajuto­rul produ­selor natu­ris­te:

Imunactiv – eficient îm­potriva bolilor vi­ra­le şi bacteriene. Ad­mi­nistrare: două capsu­le/zi. Preţ: 30,1 lei.
Sirop Plantusin cu mie­­­re, propolis şi vi­ta­mi­na C – Fares – bun emo­lient şi antiseptic al căilor respiratorii. Admi­nis­trare: 2-4 linguriţe/zi. Preţ: 10 lei.

Guduchi – Herba Ayur­ve­­dica – util în caz de fe­­bră sau anemie. Ad­mi­nistrare: o capsulă de 3 ori/zi. Preţ: 28 lei.

Vialong – necesar per­­­­soanelor în vârstă pentru că acestea ră­cesc des. Adminis­tra­re: o tabletă/zi. Preţ: 59,5 lei.

Gough Kalp – Indian Her­­­bal – ajută la re­­du­ce­­rea acceselor de tu­se. Administrare: 1-2 lin­guriţe de două ori/zi. Preţ: 13 lei.

Echinacea – Aboca – a­ju­tă în cazul infecţiilor virale cu herpes simplex, virus gripal şi va­riolic. Admi­nis­trare: două capsule de două ori/zi. Preţ: 37 lei.

Imunofort – Labora­toa­­rele Medica – folositor în infecţii virale şi bacteriene ale apara­tu­lui respirator. Ad­­­­­­mi­nistrare: o capsulă de 3 ori/zi. Preţ: 17 lei.

Produsele prezentate pot fi găsite în magazinele din Splaiul Independenţei 2 K şi Str. Lipscani 104.

Leacuri la îndemâna oricui:
– Cura cu hrean şi miere
– Cura cu măceşe
– Cura cu cătină
– Şodou: Amestec de mie­re, lapte – 200 ml, gălbenuş şi unt cât o nucă.
Cură de 10 zile/lună în perioada rece.

Ce spune medicul

În cazul virozelor respiratorii nu este bine să luaţi antibiotice.

„Sunt re­comandate me­di­ca­men­tele simptoma­tice, cum ar fi Pa­ra­cetamolul în cazul du­rerilor de cap, sau Codeină fos­forică, si­­ropuri me­dicinale şi Eurespal, pentru tu­­­se. Numai dacă tu­sea devine pro­­ducti­vă trebuie să mer­geţi la me­­di­­cul curant pentru a vă recomanda an­­ti­­bio­­tice”, ne-a de­­cla­­rat Laurenţiu Luca (foto), directorul Centrului Medical PULS.

Şodou - Rețete

Preparation time: 1 h 10 min.

Ingredient: 3/4 kg mere, o ceasca orez, 5-6 linguri zahar, 2 linguri unt, scortisoara, putin pesmet.
Sodou: 2 galbenusuri, 4 linguri zahar, o ceasca lapte, zahar vanilat.
Home delivery! Great to buy the ingredients for this recipe!

Method of preparation: Se curata merele si se taie felii subtiri. Cojile se fierb in apa clocotita si se strecoara. In aceasta zeama se adauga o parte din zahar si zaharul vanilat, apoi se pune orezul sa fiarba cand este gata se lasa sa se raceasca. Feliile de mere se inabusa in unt cu restul de zahar, apoi se amesteca cu scortisoara. Se prepara sodoul: se freaca galbenusurile cu zaharul, se adauga laptele si se pun pe foc mic, amestecand mereu pana se ingroasa. Intr-o forma unsa si presarata cu pesmet alb se pune un strat de orez fiert, apoi un strat de mere scazute, din nou orez si iar mere. Se stropeste cu unt topit si se da la cuptor 30 de minute. Se rastoarna pe un platou si se acopera cu sodoul rece. Se mai poate prepara acest desert fierband orezul in lapte indulcit si adaugand feliile de mere si aromele.

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