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Mamaliguta with mussel sauce and sour cream - cool recipe

Mamaliguta with mussel sauce and sour cream - cool recipe

It's not a recipe made on purpose, I assure you, but I couldn't throw away the goodness of the shellfish sauce for lunch ...... in addition, I had a little polenta left over from last night :))
The hardest thing for me was to choose the category and country of origin of this recipe - I put Bulgaria because they have shells and make polenta
I assure you in the sauce I put only the specified amount of wine :))

  • Yesterday's polenta will be
  • Mussel sauce with sour cream for lunch
  • that's all

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Polenta with mussel sauce and sour cream - cool recipe:

We make polenta on Saturday night - I won't tell you how because you know better than me :)) Reserve the rest in the fridge - you never know ....

We prepare the mussel sauce with sour cream: see the recipe here: //retete/midii-scoici-in-sos-de-smantana-si-vin-alb-69181.html

Keep the remaining sauce in the fridge (if it remains - I have left)

Heat the polenta and sauce well and serve immediately.

Voilaaaa a good action. .... I recycled the leftovers and ate well.

I kiss you good evening and if you read the recipe in the evening :))

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Recycle the waste !!!!

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