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Amaretto and apple cake

Amaretto and apple cake

Recipe Apple pie and macaroons of of 21-02-2011 [Updated on 31-07-2018]

I found the recipe for apple and amaretti cake on a paneangeli yeast package, and given my passion for apples and amaretti, I didn't hesitate to try it. From the original recipe I only reduced the butter a little and added a cup of milk and I got a fragrant apple pie, soft and with a slightly rustic taste given the amaretti crust that is created on the surface during cooking. This apple and macaroon pie is my way to wish you a good week, since you agree with me that Mondays always have to start sweet;)


How to make apple and macaroon cake

Cream the butter together with the icing sugar and the grated lemon zest.
Add the eggs, a pinch of salt and mix

Coarsely crumble the macaroons and cut the apples into small pieces.
Add half of the apples and macaroons to the dough and mix.

Finally add the flour and baking powder dissolved in a cup of milk.

Work until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Grease and flour a 30x40 cm baking pan and distribute the dough inside.

Level the cake and arrange the remaining apples and the remaining macaroons on the surface.

Bake the apple and amaretti cake at 180 ° in a preheated oven and bake for 20/25 minutes.

Allow the apple and amaretti cake to cool before cutting into rectangular slices and serving.

Apple and macaroon pie - Recipes

Here I am back from Sigep, the international pastry fair in Rimini, I am very tired but at the same time happy, happy to have learned new things and to have met some beautiful people.
A special thanks to my friend Cristina and her husband Mattia who made me have a lot of fun.
I leave you with this apple pie and go to sleep.

4 golden apples
300g of flour 00
2 whole eggs
125g of butter
150g of cane sugar
half a pack of macaroons
half a glass of dry Marsala wine
half a glass of milk
1 vanilla bean
1 sachet of yeast
a few teaspoons of apricot jam

Soften the butter and using a fork, work it with the sugar.
Add the eggs and mix with an electric mixer until the mixture is quite fluffy.
Combine the flour, milk, baking powder, vanilla bean pulp and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Add a handful of crumbled macaroons softened in Marsala plus three apples cut into cubes.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, pour half of the mixture into it and spread the apricot jam on the surface.
Cover with the rest of the mixture and garnish with a sliced ​​apple and other macaroons.
Sprinkle with more cinnamon and bake in the oven at 180 & # 176 for 40/45 minutes


Kiara how good this combination! Since I like pies with apples, I think I copy the recipe so I also add the macaroons!
How nice, I would also like to go to these culinary events every now and then, I have to find out if they do it here in the Veneto area ..
Thanks a big kiss!

how good, I really like the apple pie and yours in particular. good ^ _ ^

La Chicchina

-800 gr of yellow delight apples
-4 eggs
-150 grams of sugar
-120 gr of butter
-120 ml of milk
-350 grams of flour
-1 sachet of yeast
- the grated rind of half a lemon
-120 grams of macaroons
-1 small glass of rum
-1 pinch of salt.

Cooking: 45 minutes at 180 & # 176 in a preheated oven

Now pour the second part of the dough, level and arrange the remaining apples into radial slices: sprinkle with sugar and distribute a few flakes of butter.

Bake for 45 minutes, checking the cooking (each oven is a story in itself).
After this time, unmold the fragrant and beautiful cake. hello, see you soon here with me!

With this recipe I participate in the Contest & # 8220 The Perfume of Memories & # 8221 organized by A pinch of pink pepper And Pentalux

Apple pie and macaroons - Recipes

After i Biscuits and the pancakes here is another recipe from Nonna Lina. Actually, to be precise, I think I'm done with her desserts -) and I'm very proud to introduce her to you. As usual, the source is unknown because it is now a recipe that has been making for years. It seems that it is a typical Piedmontese recipe and there are several variations: this with breadcrumbs, this without butter but with more eggs (or this), this with hazelnuts or this with the addition of pears. The important thing is that apples, macaroons and chocolate or cocoa are present. It must be a moist cake that is more reminiscent of a flan rather than a real cake. I generally don't like fruit cooked in desserts (unless it's soda) but in this case & # 8230c & # 8217 it's chocolate :-).
My mom and I are crazy about this cake and on Saturday we got down to business! The original recipe does not include fixed doses (how nervous!) But the great thing is that my grandmother always succeeds perfectly. What's even more unusual is that it always manages to give it the same flavor and texture. I, who am a precise type for certain things, have marked all the doses.

8 apples (about 800 g of clean fruit)
4/5 tablespoons of 00 flour
250 g of macaroons
50 g of butter
4 tablespoons of sugar (optional if the apples are very sweet)
25 ml of rum
2 small eggs
80 g of dark chocolate
50 ml of milk
6 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa

Line a mold with parchment paper and bake in the oven at 180 & # 176C for about 45 minutes. The time is indicative because it depends a little on the apples you will use and on the thickness of the cake (when you turn the mixture upside down, keep it under 2 cm of thickness). The important thing is that the cake dries well. Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly the right diameter because I used an oven dish plus a small dish plus various silicone molds :-)

Amaretto and apple cake

Paolo: "every time friends talk about cooking I am labeled as the" not very creative "of the group. On Saturday I decided to surprise them with a Apple pie all mine. They definitely had to change their mind "

  • 2 golden apples
  • 4 tablespoons of apricot jam
  • 1 stick of ready-made shortcrust pastry (Buitoni type)
  • 200 g of macaroons
  • 1 cube of dark chocolate

Turn on the oven at 180 & # 176
Take a baking dish and crumble the macaroons into it until they are reduced to "flour"

Wash the apples, peel them and after having cut them into cubes, add them to the amaretti "flour"

Add 2 tablespoons of apricot jam or 3, if not enough to mix the dough

Let it rest

In the meantime, take the shortcrust pastry, cut a third and set it aside

Squeeze the remaining two thirds onto baking paper until you get a not too thin disc of about 40 cm in diameter.

Lift it with paper and place it in a round baking dish

Cut the dough exceeding the edge of the pan and add it to the one previously set aside

The cake crumbled apples and macaroons It is a rustic dessert characterized by a crunchy texture, similar to crumble.
The dough is prepared with flour and dried macaroons chopped and combined with butter and an egg: working these ingredients with your fingers you get a defined & quot; crumbs & quot; mixture that characterizes this type of cake.

The filling, on the other hand, is based on apples and cinnamon: a unique and irresistible combination of flavors, to which, those who wish, can also add a few tablespoons of jam.

Discover with Laura how easy it is to make it!
Here she is video recipe and the photo-steps that will guide you in the preparation of this genuine dessert.

Omelette and omelette: here are the differences

How to reuse old apples

Vegan apple pie

Gabriella Natale

I am a 54 year old Italian woman passionate about good food and healthy eating. I grew up in a family where the attention to food, its quality, variety, refinement, were never casual and yet they were spontaneous and natural gestures to share together. In the wake of this philosophy I have built my life without ever consciously reflecting on the fact that, through food, many emotions pass, all this until when. One of those days, of the three years I lived in the United States in Bethesda (MD), the art teacher of my daughter, Thai by origin, amazed by the dedication and variety with which every day I prepared a different lunch for my little girl , stopped me along the school corridor to tell me that in Asian culture, cooking is considered an act of great love. From the care that I put on Giulia's menu every day, balancing the supply of nutrients, she deduced that I am a woman capable of great love and that therefore I deeply love my daughter, to the point of dedicating so much of my time to this task. I was surprised and thought about those words for a long time. As an Italian mother, it is obvious to dedicate a lot of time every day to preparing a meal for your children. It seemed obvious to me too, I had never thought about it, I did it. From that day on, thanks to his words, I began to see and experience the gestures and rituals of "cooking" with different eyes. Since then, I have been fully aware that cooking has great emotional value. I want this message, through the dishes I cook, to reach my daughter who will be a mother tomorrow. Today, more than ever, also in the light of the new gastronomic knowledge I have received, the dishes I prepare are the result of curiosity, study, choices and research. My cuisine evolves and matures with me and, more and more, aims to satisfy the taste while taking care of health. I am aware that I cook with great love and passion, just doing it with joy and pleasure feeds my soul. I'm a 51 years old Italian woman passionate about good food and healthy eating. I grew up in a family where the focus on food, its quality, variety, sophistication, were never random but spontaneous and natural gestures to share together every day. In line with this philosophy, I built my life without ever consciously reflecting that many emotions pass through food, all of this until. One of those days, of the three years I've lived in the United States in Bethesda (MD), when my daughter's art teacher, Thai origin, amazed by the dedication and variety I put preparing my little girl's every day meal, stopped me in the corridor of the school to tell me that in Asian culture, cooking is considered a great love act. Looking at the care I used to put on Giulia's menu, balancing the supply of nutrients, she deduced I am a woman capable of great love and then I deeply love my daughter so much to devote this task the most of my time. I was surprised and thought to those words for a while. For an Italian mother, it's usual devoting so much time every day in preparing her childrens meal. It seemed obvious, I've never thought about it. Since that day, thanks to her words, I began to see and live the gestures and rituals of "cooking" with different eyes. Since then, I fully aware that cooking includes deep emotional meaning. Through my dishes, I wish this message is getting to my daughter, who will be a mother in the future. Today, more than ever, even after my new culinary knowledge, the dishes I prepare are the result of curiosity, study, choises and research. My cooking evolves and matures with me and, increasingly, wants to satisfy taste becoming healthier. I am aware to cook with great love and passion. Doing it with joy and pleasure nourishes my soul.

Apple pie with macaroons

What could be better for breakfast than a nice piece of cake? Today I propose my version of the Apple pie namely one apple pie with macaroons. I love this wonderful fruit and, since the other day I spent a beautiful day in the mountains, more precisely in Teglio in Valtellina, I had the opportunity to make a copious supply of it. I brought home so many apples that, in addition to being able to eat them in industrial quantities for the next few days, I decided to use some of them to prepare some recipes including, in fact, one apple pie with macaroons. I always have some in the fridge Vitasnella 0% fat yogurt, the famous low-fat yogurt, good and creamy that never fails for breakfast or for a healthy snack. I used it instead of milk because in my opinion it gives a little more softness to my desserts.
To prepare this delicious dish I made a dough a little different from the traditional recipe. In fact, I added amaretti biscuits, chopped and powdered to the flour. This idea, as well as giving an extra touch of flavor, helped me to slightly contrast the humidity of the apples since, for this preparation, I used them in abundance. I then completed the dough with a touch of extra flavor, adding a generous teaspoon of cinnamon to it all. When I put the cake in the oven, you can't imagine the aroma that invaded the kitchen in a few minutes! With a perfume like this, the result could only be spectacular! And in fact, not because I did it, but this one Apple pie, it turned out to be truly a masterpiece! It only lasted a couple of days! We literally devoured her!
It is always a great satisfaction when you make a recipe you had in mind and the result is exactly what you imagined, especially when it comes to sweets, where the error is always around the corner. And then, when I am satisfied with the results obtained, every occasion becomes good to get my hands in the dough and create new ideas between sweets and biscuits, which I usually keep aside for breakfast, perhaps combined with a jar of Vitasnella 0% fat yogurt!
Staying on the subject of biscuits and breakfast, I just have a recipe that I want to suggest again, in case you missed it. I speak of coconut and almond biscuits, among other things, also these made with the help of 0% fat yogurt from the Vitasnella.

Cinzia in the kitchen

My dearest friend .. if all the leftovers were so beautiful, I think I would always like those! Two delicious recipes, I love macaroons and used in this way they give their best. I've never tried the fried ones .. you gave me a curiosity! :) A big kiss true star .. here it rains a lot, luckily you're there to bring the sun! :)

Thanks Ely :-) but you know that it rains here too and it's cold .. the air is freezing and it's good at home in the warmth :-) it's nice to know that you are a ray of sunshine my friend and you are too: -) a big kiss

Hello Cinzia will also be leftovers but what leftovers
I send you a sweet greeting

Thanks Titian, good evening and happy party, a hug

Mouth-watering leftovers. Thanks for the tip!!)

Thanks to you for stopping by :-) and happy party, a big kiss

The idea is delicious :)) I like it so much! Have a good evening :)

Thanks M4ry and have a good rest these days :-) a kiss

Hi Cinzia! Two recipes one better than the other! : D But how good you are. :) Compliments. :) What a love the goblin, I love goblins :) A big hug and good evening! P.s .: but have you changed the graphics? I used to like it but now it's even more beautiful! :)

Thank you very much Vale :-) actually, I know that maybe a blog should keep the same look .. but I like to change :-) see I've changed even now. what do you say was better before on pink? a big kiss and happy party :-)

What a show. I really don't know which of the two desserts to choose !! Congratulations Cinzie and a big kiss!

Thanks for stopping by Simona and happy party :-) a big hug

Your grandmother used to make fried macaroons in mixed fry, my mother used to put fried apples in batter. They never lacked, because she was literally greedy! I, on the other hand, preferred the fried ricotta, which sooner or later I will post, because it is my & quotdolce delizia & quot; in the mixed fry we do at Christmas.
Your unsuccessful search on the net, however, sparked your memories and your imagination. That's fine for me! And the leftover pie isn't bad at all either. The presence of the macaroons will make it really light, but crunchy and tasty. A hug and best wishes. Today is everyone's birthday, isn't it?

Here I am Elly. He also put apples in it, which were my favorites :-) it was so good that just thinking about it makes my mouth water and so much nostalgia .. You know I didn't know about fried ricotta. I recommend, post recipe that I try it :-) I send you a big kiss and happy Thursday of celebration, here a wonderful day even if fresh :-)

Cinzia, are you apple pie too? how good your macaroons in batter must be!
I joined your supporters and add your blog to the ones I follow!
Thanks for your visit!

Mine is not as delicious as yours Francesco but it's not bad :-) Thank you for stopping by and joining my readers and congratulations again for your wonderful blog that I really follow with pleasure :-) a hug and happy Thursday party :-)

I love sweets with macaroons, and I had never seen them fried before.
These two desserts are amazing. good Cinzia and good weekend hello kiara

Thank you very much Kiara :-) too good :-) a big kiss and happy party :-)

what a beautiful recipe I like the scent and taste of macaroons, once I remember many years ago having eaten fried macaroons in Piedmont

You remember Carmine well, and surely you ate them in the mixed fry (macaroons, apples, sweet semolina, breaded slice, sausage, brains (which I don't like, and sometimes you also find pineapple in batter or peach, but in the more modern versions, the traditional no) A big hug and thanks for stopping by :-) Happy Thursday of the holiday :-)

Basically two recipes in one, and both very tempting. I have never tried fried macaroons. They seem perfect to me.

Try them because they are really good Fabiano, thanks for stopping by and happy Thursday of the holiday :-)

Fried macaroons how weird, I've never heard them before but they look so inviting, and even the cake doesn't have to be pretty bad to be made with leftovers. Have a good weekend a big kiss.

Thanks Rossella :-) is typical of Piedmontese mixed fry, try them, they are really good, A big kiss and good party :-)

What beautiful Cinzia recipes !!
I had never seen fried macaroons.
They must be delicious, I really have to try them !!
A hug and good evening

Good evening to you too Carmen and thanks for stopping by :-) a kiss

fried macaroons a beautiful novelty for me !!

Thanks for stopping by, a hug and happy party

Too cute your little witch! mine is nice but she is ugly like all witches who respect themselves and therefore it never crossed my mind to photograph her! We hope he is not offended. your sweets are excellent and the solution of making a leftover cake is brilliant. But my Cinzia is good. Good we my friend see you soon

Thanks Carla Emilia :-) actually the witch and a piggy bank :-) good rest to you too, I run away to bed I'm cooked :-) a big kiss

Dear Cinzia you are a genius, creating a new cake with the leftovers of the batter would never have occurred to me. and also the look is definitely super. I bet she was good.
Nice new look of the blog. very, very good. a big kiss Faby

Thanks Faby :-) but no, I was sorry to throw away the leftover batter :-) times of crisis as a friend of mine says, nothing is thrown away :-)! We are not yet at this level but thanks to our politicians .. damn :-) a big kiss and I run to browse your new blog!

maaaaaa. what if you and I had lunch and mixed fried food?! ihihhii. sooner or later it will end that we will do it! I make the charlotte for the end of the meal! I promise!
but what a coolness this morning! however the sun that c & # 39è is fantastic. if I could I would go walking near my beautiful bell tower. ihihih.

I'm there Eli :-) a good mixed fried food is there :-) We have just returned from the walk, but only here behind and in front of the house you know .. It is beautiful even today, even if the mountains are not seen now .. or rather early this morning they were a spectacle while now the clouds cover them. Come on, sooner or later we'll meet if you like :-) a big kiss

if I like! of course! I would be really happy! it's nice in such a vast world to discover someone so close to home! a big kiss to you too ..

Yes, very true :-) But ELi, you are there on the face. when you want dear and good weekend :-)

offi no cinzia! no facebook! if you want I'll leave you my email if we want to find each other! today I produced chestnut tagliatelle! next post maybe! a big kiss.

Look, the leftover cake, other than ugly, makes my mouth water! Fried amaretti? Needless to say I have never tasted them, but since they are fried, I'm sure my palate would like it so much! Very good Cinzia. .but also the theoretical cook mother, next time she bakes her own recipe, I'm curious!

Thanks Damiana :-) ok for my mom's recipe :-) which is defined as theoretical, because my grandmother didn't give her recipes, but my mom followed her in the kitchen looking at her like a good one :-) a big kiss and thanks for being passed

darling but thanks to you now I know how to eat the macaroons I have at home! I never eat them but made like this they know me of something very greedy!
I kissed

Thanks to you for stopping by, a big kiss

truly original this dessert, if there are apples then, it is superb. ciaooooo

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