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21 Tax-Day Blowouts in 21 American Cities

21 Tax-Day Blowouts in 21 American Cities

Tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Spend it at these great restaurants

In New Orleans, few restaurants are as splurge-worthy as Commander's Palace.

Tax season is a mixed blessing: For some it’s a whole lot of work only to learn that you owe the government money, but for others it’s a reason to celebrate after your rebate check arrives. For the lucky ones in the latter camp, we’re helping you figure out the best restaurants at which to spend your tax refund in 21 cities, should you decide to take that route.

21 Tax-Day Blowouts in 21 American Cities (Slideshow)

Even if you dine at a restaurant where entrées top out at $20, a meal for two can quickly add up. Add in appetizers, drinks, and dessert, and you can quickly see your final check reach triple digits. For that reason, indulging in a nice meal out is often reserved for special occasions, and the restaurant you choose to visit should be one that’s worth saving up for.

To help you decide where to splurge this year when your tax rebate comes, we chose the best restaurant in 21 American cities, as voted by our panel of judges, from our 2016 annual ranking of the 101 Best Restaurants in America. Most of these restaurants are very, very expensive; most of them are very difficult to get into. If you’re unable to get a reservation, we suggest you show up right when the restaurant opens; a couple tables invariably go unclaimed, and patience is usually rewarded.

Your money is valuable, and it’s up to you how you want to spend it. But it’s not very often that big chunks of change arrive in your bank account, and if your first impulse is to splurge on a great meal, then make sure that the restaurant you go to is worthy of your hard-earned money. We can say without reservation that these restaurants are definitely worth it.

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