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Cream of milk - Paraguay (Cream of milk and cornstarch)

Cream of milk - Paraguay (Cream of milk and cornstarch)

Heat 80 cl of milk with orange peel, sugar and vanilla. When it comes to a boil, remove from the heat and set aside for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, remove the orange peel and put the milk back on the fire.

Mix and dilute the starch well in the remaining cold milk.

Pour the mixture into the hot milk and stir continuously over low heat for 5 minutes until thickened.

Remove from the heat and stir from time to time until cool.

When the cream is warm, pour it into glasses or bowls.

When it is completely cooled, put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

Before serving, you can put a little brown sugar on top and caramelize in the oven (grill position) or with a gun.

It can also be served simple with a little cinnamon on top.

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Video with two ways to prepare homemade orange jam without preservatives.

Red cake or table

Transport your child to a snack with this recipe for masita or red pancake. They are also known as dry masita.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is one of the desserts of Paraguayan cuisine. Along with the guava, they are usually made in hard format and are called sweet bread.

Homemade yogurt

How to make homemade yogurt without machines or yogurts. Homemade yogurt from natural yogurt.

Loquat crumble

The crumble is basically a cake with fruit. It is made with various fruits that are covered with a dough of flour, butter and sugar. Learn how to prepare it with loquats.

Condensed milk flan

Clearly the condensed milk custard recipe is not a typical recipe, however the custard is together with the bread pudding one of the easiest and most consumed desserts in Paraguay.

Ponchi or Egg Punch

Basically, this ponchi or punch recipe is a "superfood" that consists of beating egg whites, sweetening them and flavoring them.

Sweet bread with surprise

0 A good sweet bread or panettone is never lacking at a Paraguayan's Christmas party. How about going one step further and surprising your family or guests with & hellip

Cornstarch alfajor with dulce de leche

+1 When I searched the internet for the cornstarch recipe, I found a thousand recipes and also a thousand different ways to make them & # 8230

Pasta frola

+1 Natalia Alvarez BLOG AUTHOR Hello I am Natalia, Paraguayan from San Lorenzo currently living in Spain. I'm not a cook. I am dedicated to marketing and creating digital content for companies and brands. & Hellip

Pan pudding

+3 They say that when there is hunger there is no hard bread & # 8230 because when there is hard bread, there is pudding! At home we do not throw food let alone bread because in a moment it becomes & hellip

Black honey pancakes and anchovies

+1 There are flavors and aromas that immediately transport us to our childhood, to our neighborhood or our town. The hû cake (hû = black in Guarani) or black honey cake is a & hellip

Cream of milk and cornstarch

The famous cream milk, but this version with Cornstarch.

Flanders. Custard bread pudding

Do you like both custard and bread pudding? You will love this recipe. All the flavor of bread pudding in a custard texture.

Guava sponge cake

0 This is the story of a dozen guavas whose mission was to perpetuate their species on European soil, they were moved from Paraguay to Spain with great affection in a & hellip

Express milk candy (microwave)

Prepare sweet milk in the microwave in a few minutes from condensed milk, some more ingredients and some useful tips.

Coconut cake

They say that no one is bitter about a sweet. And a good coconut cake, fluffy and full of flavor is a very good choice. Prepare this cake for breakfast, snack or snack at any time.

Brownie hû

If you like brownies, imagine the chocolate flavor intensified by cane honey or black honey. This brownie is a flavor bomb. Do you dare to try?

Peach pavement

Preparing homemade pave is very easy by following this recipe with photos and step by step. Now you know what dessert to bring to your next meeting with friends or family

Coconut cream

Are you a fan of creams? This coconut cream will surprise you. Soft and creamy, tasty and intense. Does your mouth water?

Lemon cake

Prepare this lemon cake in a few minutes and taste the delicious aroma of lemon in a fluffy and easy cake.

Delight in cream and cherry

I had been wanting to make this recipe for a long time, but I couldn't get cherries. Now that it's sweet bread season and Christmas masses are dried and candied fruits everywhere. This dough & hellip

Apple muffins

The fruits in the biscuits give it moisture and aroma. Prepare this fluffy apple muffin. You will have it ready in less than an hour and they are perfect for snacking or breakfast.

Marbled banana cake

0 It's been several days since I had 3 bananas in my fridge that we had bought a little green and I was waiting for them to ripen so I could eat them, but the truth is & hellip

Dessert: Cheese and guava sweet

0 One of the most requested desserts in restaurants, bars and cupcakes, no matter how simple it is is the guava sweet with Paraguay cheese, here I leave you 5 ways to & hellip


0 Paraguayan mantecado is perhaps one of the sweet recipes that I was most asked for and it was impossible for me to get it as it is not the same as the mantecado known in & hellip

Hot birthday chocolate (to the cup)

+1 Surely during your childhood you went to many birthdays where the menu was chocolate. Probably some were even yours. And is that before when a birthday was celebrated in & hellip


+1 Cream is one of the most consumed desserts in Paraguay, its ingredients make it easy to make and also very economical. They say it was one of the desserts & hellip

Typical Paraguayan desserts

Typical desserts from Paraguay are few. Most of the desserts and sweets that are consumed today are inherited and adapted from immigrants from Europe.

Chocolate and coke muffins

0 Sometimes in the afternoon I usually have "cravings" for something sweet for a snack and when I don't have anything at home I usually go to a bar near my house and & hellip

Guava sweet in pasta

0 In Paraguay, due to our tropical climate, we are very lucky and blessed with the abundance of fruits. It is common to find in the courtyards different fruit trees such as mango, avocado and the & hellip

Pionono stuffed with dulce de leche

0 Natalia AlvarezAUTHOR OF THE BLOG Hello I am Natalia, Paraguayan from San Lorenzo currently living in Spain. I'm not a cook. I am dedicated to marketing and creating digital content for companies and brands. & Hellip

Traveling crescents

0 On this trip I made to Paraguay after 6 years, I recovered a cookbook that was the first with which I entered the world of cooking. & Hellip


0 Tiramisu is an originally Italian recipe. Probably one of the most international desserts. With basic ingredients you can make a delicious homemade dessert worthy of any celebration. INGREDIENTS (10 -12 & hellip

Orange Fanta Cake

+2 This delicious cake or pancake as we call it in Paraguay is made with Fanta Naranja (yes, the soda). It's a special recipe for me as it reminds me of my childhood, & hellip

Coconut flavored cupcakes

0 Cupcakes have become fashionable, we can find them in any supermarket or cafeteria, although homemade biscuits and buns are always more delicious! These cupcakes are super fluffy, & hellip

Liquor cake

0 With this cake I assure you that you will look like a queen (or a king) & # 8230

Easter thread

0 The Easter Rosca is very traditional in Spain, the godparents usually give it to the godchildren. So for this Easter, you already have a new recipe. Collaboration of Clarisa & hellip

Lemon pie. Lemon pie

0 Recipe for preparing lemon pie. One of the most well-known and consumed cakes in the world, a very fresh dessert. Recipe sent by Marta Navarro Base: 1 package & hellip

Black and white cream

0 A variation of the traditional cream (pastry cream) we know. I like chocolate to you no & # 8230 no problem & # 8230 one part we make it with chocolate the other part no & # 8230 (as well as the & hellip

Coconut balls

0 The coquito, or coconut balls, is a sweet snack, also called coconut snacks, usually one of the first to disappear from the trays at celebrations and gatherings. & Hellip

Cake manduvi

0 We know that peanuts have a very high nutritional value, and their grains are used for raw or toasted consumption, for making sweets or for extraction & hellip

Spongy basic sponge cake to fill

0 I finally found the ideal recipe for making stuffed cakes. It is a basic cake, without butter, very fluffy, and light, it can be bathed with liqueurs, syrup, and filled with mousse, fruits, creams, etc. & hellip

Mbaipy he & # 8217ê

+2 In Paraguayan cuisine, we know that corn is one of the main ingredients. Polenta or mbaipy is one of the forms of cooking and mbaipy is one of the sweetest corn desserts & hellip

Cheap stuffed cake

0 Birthday, and be able to celebrate! what joy! How good it is to share that special day with family, surrounded by friends and loved ones! of course, apart from the birthday @ & hellip

Sweet bread or panettonne

0 The panettone (in Milanese panetùn or panetton), called panetón or sweet bread in Spanish-speaking countries, is a bun made with a dough of brioche type, raisins and candied or crystallized fruits. & hellip

Mantecoco, butter cookies and coconut

0 These cookies are a mixture of flavors, on the one hand the buttery taste, without becoming cloying, on the other hand similar to alfajores by the softness of the & hellip

Homemade crescents

+1 Natalia Alvarez BLOG AUTHOR Hello I am Natalia, Paraguayan from San Lorenzo currently living in Spain. I'm not a cook. I am dedicated to marketing and creating digital content for companies and brands. & Hellip

Cream with mbokaja & # 8211 Cream with coconut

0 A variant of pastry cream, but this time flavored with coconut. It can serve as a filling for cakes and pies, as well as a tasty cream that can be taken alone as & hellip

Banana smoothie

0 This smoothie is super recommended as an energizer & # 8230 very refreshing & # 8230 for the whole family, you can take it as a breakfast in summer, as a dessert or as a snack as its consistency is very creamy. & Hellip

Homemade egg flan

0 At home we really like flan. This egg custard is one of the best custards I've tried to date. The final taste is very mild and although & hellip

Chocolate mousse

0 This recipe is dedicated to all mothers! that yes, for that day & # 8230 GOODBYE diet! Since Mother's Day is celebrated in Paraguay on May 15, & hellip

Cupcakes of Yerba Mate Jerovia

0 I found this recipe in Utilisima, by Prof. Teresita Benegas O & # 8217hara. These are cupcakes made with cooked mate (yerba mate). The result in taste is very similar & hellip

Cheese Cake

0 Obviously not a typical Paraguayan dessert, but as its consumption is very popular, and several of the followers of the page are in countries like the USA where it is consumed a lot, & hellip

Strawberry smoothie with condensed milk

0 Dedicated to my friend Gladys Cazenave Delicious, to step out when you do not have much time to prepare a dessert. This recipe is ideal because with only 2 ingredients it & hellip

Swiss buns or midnight

0 Taste similar to Paraguayan pancitos chips, ideal for breakfast or snack, make a rich sandwich and why not, accompany meals & # 8230 For 15 to 18 loaves 150 ml of & hellip

Strawberry shortcake

0 Using as a base our broken dough whose recipe is here + the pastry cream I uploaded last week and some fresh strawberries we get this rich and fresh & hellip cake

Another version of bread pudding

0 I particularly think that throwing a loaf of bread is a sin. This recipe is from my friend Mirian Wilk who dedicated it to her midwife Maria Esther, because she had a party & hellip


0 Making homemade cupcakes is very simple and very easy, but best of all is how rich they are, the satisfaction provided by eating a candy made by us, without preservatives, & hellip

Pastry cream

0 Easy pastry cream Pastry cream is one of those essential recipes to be able to make much of the dessert and dessert recipes we know. It can serve as both a & hellip filler

EXPRESS Strawberry Mousse

0 Do you have dinner and don't have time to make dessert? With this recipe you are sure to get out of trouble! Ideal if you feel like strawberry mousse and not in & hellip

Strawberry mousse

0 One way to enjoy a light dessert is to prepare this rich light and easy, cheap strawberry mousse! For 10 servings 4 natural yogurts (1 liter) 250 grs sugar & hellip

Butter cookies

0 Very easy to prepare, ideal for making with children as they can give it the molds and then share a rich snack. You can also recycle that box of cookies and & hellip

Sweet pies (peach)

0 In general, people prepare recipes for savory pies, and they end up forgetting that we can perfectly prepare recipes for sweet pies, which are super rich. Photo Ingredients For 12 units & hellip

Special chocolate cake

0 I found this chocolate cake recipe on the chef's website that I really liked, and although at first it seems very laborious I can assure you that the result is great and & hellip

Rice pudding

+1 Paraguay style rice pudding Kamby arró or rice pudding is a typical dessert of Paraguayan popular cuisine whose origins go back to our Spanish ancestors. He & hellip

Homemade nougat for Christmas

0 By Mirian Wilk Maybe it's not our tradition either, although they are never missing in the Christmas baskets, so what better gift for our friends than these homemade NOUGATS! Line them with paper & hellip

Yema cream milk

0 This recipe was made by my grandmother, she says that at that time they didn't have cornstarch, so they only used flour, I love it because the taste is really different, I hope you like it! & Hellip

Homemade milk candy

Were you looking for a classic and homemade candy recipe? Prepare at home this famous milk candy without condensed milk.

Mburukuja or passion fruit cake

+1 Using the pulp of mburukuja fruit, you can prepare this recipe. Do you have any mburukuja fruit? Take advantage and make this fluffy cake for snack! Photo by For 10 servings 2 y & hellip

Chocolate cake

0 Sometimes we want to eat something small to get a craving, sweet or salty, but without that excess harming our diet. This is one of those recipes, with the & hellip

Manduvi sweet bread (with hands)

0 Native sweet breads, ideal for New Year's Eve parties! Affordable products & # 8230 Dale animated! Photo and recipe from For 2 units of 1 kg 1 kg of flour 000 & hellip


+2 Picture of I Love Paraguay In Paraguay they are the buns of all life, although in Argentina and Uruguay it is called "friar's balls" or nun's sighs and there are & hellip

Chipa kandói o chipa manduvi

+5 The peanut chipa The manduvi chipa, peanut chipa or also called chipa kandói, is a variant of the Paraguayan chipa, perhaps not very well known but widely consumed in times & hellip

Marbled Cake

0 Use the same recipe for the yogurt cake but to a part of the preparation you add a little cocoa powder and two tablespoons of milk. PREPARATION & hellip

Cake with yogurt

0 Surely the recipe for the cake with yogurt is one of the most on the internet. It is a very simple, quick and above all cheap recipe. Take the glass of yogurt & hellip


+1 Candial is a liquid cream previously used by mothers when "weaning" their children. It is said that they were given this cream before bed and for their & hellip


0 "Kaguyjy" is considered a "refreshing dessert" and is one of the most traditional and imposed on Paraguayan popular taste. The widespread use dungeon in the & hellip river

Koserevá de apepu

+2 Kosereva Dessert: What is it Kosereva is a typical Paraguayan dessert with a high protein content like most desserts in this country. It also has a compound flavor, & hellip

Cassava Alfajores

0 On this occasion, we will learn how to prepare exquisite cassava alfajores, a food originally from Brazil, but which is very popular in Paraguay. Ideal for cold winter evenings. & Hellip

Bizcocho de Andaí & # 8211 Calabaza

0 Taking advantage of our vegetables! For 12 units 100 g soft butter 250 g sugar 350 g flour 0000 3 tbsp. baking powder 2 eggs 1 egg yolk 200 & hellip

Ka & # 8217í Ladrillo

+1 Natalia Alvarez BLOG AUTHOR Hello I am Natalia, Paraguayan from San Lorenzo currently living in Spain. I'm not a cook. I am dedicated to marketing and creating digital content for companies and brands. & Hellip

Mamón sweet (papaya)

+1 Mamón sweet is one of the desserts of Paraguayan popular cuisine and northeastern Argentina, which, as its name suggests, is based on "mamón", also indistinctly & hellip


+1 Kivevé is one of the most popular semi-sweet desserts in Paraguay. It is liked by everyone and very tasty. It is a thick cream with a high energy content and that can be & hellip

Mango jam

0 From: El Rincón de la Mariposa How many mangoes do we let rot in season? Take advantage of the season and prepare this delicious jam, store them in jars, give them to your friends, or just keep them for yourself! & Hellip

Guava jam

0 Guava jam. How to make guava jam, Paraguayan style! 1 kilo of guava, 1 kilo of sugar, 80 cc of lemon (optional) 3 glasses of water PREPARATION & hellip

Yoke of Mburukuja

0 Did you know that the National Flower of Paraguay is the flower of Mburucuyá? Also known as passion fruit, or passion fruit. The plant is a creeper, climber and in Paraguay it is very common to find them in any & hellip

Mburukuja mousse

0 The Fruit of Mburukuja also called passion fruit, can be used to make juices (juices), or this mousse that we leave below. This species is highly valued for its fruit & hellip

Mango mousse

0 One of the things that surprises the foreigner (European) when visiting our country, is the amount of mangoes thrown on the ground, and we do not take advantage of it, so I leave you a & hellip

Guide to Gluten-Free Foods suitable for eating Celiac in Paraguay

This list was prepared by FUPACEL based on analyzes performed by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) by the Department of Food and Drug Control.

Butter and Margarines

  • Dánica dorada butter
  • Sancor Manteca
  • OK traditional butter
  • Clover
  • Delicate vegetable cream with salt
  • Sunflower spread margarine
  • Bells
  • AZPA common and granulated sugar
  • blanca
  • Mickey impalpable sugar

Carbonated Drinks (All Paraguayan Industry)

  • PA.RE.SA coca cola, sprite, sprite zero, Fanta, Simba Guaraná, Simba Pomelo.
  • EMB. GUARANTEE: Mirinda naranja, Kandy Pomelo, Pepsi Cola.
  • WATSON’S: Orange, Grape.
  • SELTZ: Vita Guaraná, Vita Mandarin
  • SOURCE: Orange
  • PULP: Orange
  • NIKO: Cola, guarana, grapefruit, lime lemon, pineapple, orange.
  • SWEPPES (Brazilian Industry) Citrus, Tonic Water
  • Spa: mountain drink with lemon and bitter cuyano flavor.
  • Taiga Vodka: Brazilian Ind. Plastic Bottle
  • Smirnoffice: Brazilian Ind. Red label.
  • Dark Dog Energy (Austrian Drink)

Coffee - Baked - Tea - Chocolate

  • Instant ground coffee (any brand)
  • May: bottled ground coffee
  • Nestlé: Nescafé Tradicional - Chocolate Powder - Nescau Chocolate Powder (Brazilian Ind.)
  • Pajarito: Soluble cooked mate, Mate cooked in sachets.
  • Supreme: mint tea
  • Hornimans: Tea
  • Mucky: Chocolate powder.
  • Co-op: Puffed rice
  • Quaker: Cereal Cocoa BLast
  • 3 Streams: Corn Flats, Rice Flats, Chocolate Cereal Crisps.
  • Granix: Frosted Corn Cereal
  • Jima 21: Sesame nougat
  • Sesami: Rice nougat

Sweets, Jellies and Jams

Los Nietos: Sweet Potato (Uruguayan Ind.)

Gluten-free special products

  • Ochsi: Cooked ham, Fiambre Paris, Pancho, Grilled chorizo, Vienna chorizo, Black pudding
  • Studenko: Cooked ham.
  • CO-OP: Fiambre Paris Chaco
  • Sakura: Soy sauce
  • Cepera: Soybean Sauce
  • Risk: Soy sauce, Tomato extract
  • Frutika: tomato, pizza sauce.

Spices - Broths and Condiments

  • Virmont: Vegetable broth
  • Knorr: diced chicken broth, chimi churri
  • Guazu: grated coconut
  • Mickey: Grated coconut, Cinnamon, Vanilla powder
  • Copalsa: grated coconut, liquid caramel.

Flans - jellies and desserts

  • The prairie: vanilla dessert, sweet milk pole, chocolate dessert.
  • Nucita: chocolate cream, milk, hazelnut, condensed milk cream.
  • Corn: Nutrisabores cacao.
  • Royal: orange jelly.
  • Forest: pacifier
  • ADAMS Mint chewing gum and Tutti fruti.
  • Arcor: fruit chewable candies, ricoma chewable candies, milk butter candies, candied rocklets.
  • Ambrosoli: lies
  • Vita C: candies for all tastes.
  • Stani: jungle sticks
  • Bazooca: chewing gum
  • Cadbury: Bombom obsession
  • Costa: chocolate costa milk excellence, chocolate mecano.

Starch flours and batter

  • Vitao: Soybean extract
  • Dorada: Soy protein, artisanal and industrial cassava flour.
  • Roggi: rice flour
  • Primicia- Indega: Starch
  • Mickey: refined starch
  • Copalsa: cornstarch
  • Corn: Corn Starch (Ind. Argentina / Brazilian)
  • Pilao: Starch
  • Doña Angela: American ice cream with strawberry jelly, yogurt ice cream with strawberry, yogurt ice cream with sweet milk
  • El Fradero: chocolate and American cream flavor.
  • Cold: tempting sweet milk ice cream, vanilla ice cream.
  • Nestle Fridge: Non-stop, torpedo, chomp ice cream, mega.
  • Watts: Kerry grape juice, Juice with Vit. C orange (box), apple nectar, peach nectar.
  • Tang: Apple, Pink Grapefruit Powder.
  • North: Orange juice powder.
  • Caress: powdered orange juice, strawberry, banana, tangerine and pink grapefruit.
  • So Natural: juice for all tastes
  • Ades: Juice for all tastes
  • Gatorade: lime juice, lemon, orange
  • Frutika: apple juice, guava nectar
  • Parmalate: Cool citrus juice

Clover, Lactolanda, Los Colonos, Nescau (Milk drink with chocolate)

Whole and powdered milk - sour cream

  • Clover: whole milk in box, cream in sachet.
  • CO-OP: whole milk in hard sachet, whole milk in sachet.
  • Lactolanda: whole milk in sachet, cream sachet milk.
  • Los Colonos: whole milk in sachet, whole milk in box, UHT milk, cream in jar.
  • The prairie: whole milk in sachet.
  • Famlac: whole drink in hard sachet
  • Dairy: condensed milk
  • Mococa: condensed milk
  • Nest: milk powder, milk powder growth
  • Doña angela: milk cream in a pot.

Yeasts and leaveners

  • Saf-Instant: instant yeast
  • Royal: baking powder (Brazilian and Argentine Ind.)
  • Copalsa: baking powder, fresh yeast (in bread), dry yeast.

Copet products

  • Guazu french fries
  • Fritex wavy potatoes
  • Nachos tacos villa (mexican food)
  • Mc Kain: traditional pre-fries, Spanish-type pre-fries, pre-fried potatoes cuisine noisettes.
  • Clover: sandwich cheese, natural melted cheese, portsalut cheese.
  • Los Colonos: cheese sandwich
  • San Cristobal: Paraguayan cheese
  • CO-OP: Paraguayan cheese, melted cheese.
  • La Pradera: Paraguayan cheese
  • Rody: Paraguayan cheese
  • La Pradera: Ricotta
  • Sojita: soy cheese
  • Ilolay: grated cheese
  • Sancor: grated cheese
  • Scoop - Indega: Fine iodized salt, coarse salt
  • Rainbow: Fine iodized salt
  • Molinos del Paraguay: fine iodized salt.
  • Indega yerba in plastic bag
  • Peasant: yerba mate, yerba mint lemon.
  • Pajarito: yerba mate, yerba mate with lemon, yerba with natural herbs
  • Colon: yerba special selection
  • Clover: skimmed milk in a box.
  • Cheese For Dietary Health.
  • Doña Angela: skim milk in a sachet.
  • Los Colonos: skimmed milk in a box, UHT skimmed milk, BIo Light yogurt with strawberry fiber - Plum.
  • CO-OP: skim milk VIDA, yogurt VIDA Diet strawberry, Aloe vera, Vanilla, Coconut.
  • La Pradera: skim milk sachet, vanilla diet yogurt.
  • Molico: milk powder with VIt A and D.
  • Ilolay: Light milk candy.
  • 3 Brothers: Diet Guava Jam.
  • WATTS: peach and strawberry diet jam.
  • Nestlé: Decaf Decaffeinated coffee
  • Tea Plan 30 days
  • Nutra Sweet sweetening powder.
  • Ka’a He’e liquid sweetener
  • Dulkre: Sweetening powder
  • Genser: Light modified salt.
  • PARESA: Coca Cola Light
  • Sprim Light: orange juice - pineapple - Peach juice.
  • CO-OP: TROPICANA strawberry fermented milk
  • Doña Angela: yogurt with strawberry pulp, fruit, Whole yogurt: 6 Angels vanilla and strawberry, Whole yogurt Xabor vanilla and strawberry, Whole yogurt Xabor Coconut, Natural Yogurt.
  • La Pradera: whole vanilla yogurt, natural yogurt, strawberry drinkable yogurt, peach and strawberry bioyogurt.
  • Tambo Blanco: strawberry drinkable yogurt.
  • Los Colonos: drinkable vanilla and coconut Kissinger yogurt, whole strawberry yogurt, vanilla and peach, pineapple, coconut and grape.
  • Clover: whole vanilla yogurt
  • Lactolanda: whole strawberry yogurt
  • CO-OP: whole strawberry yogurt and vanilla drink.

Laboratories that certify their gluten-free products

Roche - Roemers - Wellcome - Boehringer - Sidus - Saval.

Drug (Ind. Paraguay)

  • Gramon Laboratory:
  • Bronchisedan Children Syrup
  • Bronchisedan D Syrup
  • BIogramon NF Comp.
  • Biogram Syrup
  • Calmex Tablet
  • CInarizine 75mg Comp.
  • Dolanet F Syrup - Drops - Comp-
  • Dolanet Gotas - Soluc. Injectable - INF Suppository - Syrup - Plus Comp. - Comp. - D comp ..
  • Dolsed Comp.
  • Ergo Dolanet Comp. - D Comp.
  • Lembrol 5mg Comp. - 10mg Comp.

Innothera Laboratory

  • Atrican 250mg capsules
  • Diovenor 600mg Comp.
  • Divine Comp.
  • Ideas (Calcium and Vit D3) Comp.
  • Transilane Oral Powder
  • Tothema Drinking Ampoules

Paraguayan Pharmaceuticals

Fast food and ice cream

  • Burger King: only fries and sweet milk sundae.
  • Mc Donalds: Single Sundae with sweet milk jelly, chocolate Sundae and combination.
  • Cold: all ice cream with symbol.

Source: FUPACEL (Paraguayan Celiac Foundation)

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake

With a base of crunchy cookies, a creamy filling with an orange flavor, this raspberry and white chocolate cake will have your guests daydreaming.

6 years ago I posted this recipe on my old blog, and it was time to pass it here. This is the richest dessert in the world! It has a combination of crunchy, creamy, fresh, and something that tells you: eat more!

The first time I served this raspberry pie, 6 years ago, we had some visiting friends. After a few bites, I realized that there was total silence. I looked up and saw that we were all eating slowly and trying to make that delicious taste last longer. Yes, this cake is so rich.

The ingredients are very simple.

For this cake I made a base of ground cookies, with a little sugar and then it is mixed with butter. If you want, you can bake it for about 5 to 7 minutes, or just put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

I also made it with flour and butter dough, those doughs that do or do go into the oven. You can use the one you like best.

Raspberry pie filling:

The filling has cream cheese, Philadelphia type. It is a creamy cheese, but firm. If you live in Paraguay, I used the Polenghi brand, Traditional Cream Cheese. Sometimes I can't find this cream cheese, and I use some cheese to spread a neutral flavor.

It also has white chocolate that you need to melt in order to mix with the cream cheese. It is good to cut it into small pieces so that it can melt evenly. White chocolate usually burns very quickly. Don't lose sight of it.

Finally you need to mix whipped cream to the cream cheese mixture. When you whip your cream, just whisk until it starts to thicken, not until it is firm. It was asserted when mixed with cream cheese.

As it is a raspberry pie, we need a few cups of raspberries. The recipe says 3 cups, but I like to put about 4 or more. I leave it to your liking.

You can use fresh or frozen raspberries. If you use frozen ones, you can place them on the cake just before serving.

Melt a little more chocolate and sprinkle it on top of the raspberries. Get ready for the wow! of the diners

Sweeten your weekend with this rich dessert!

Did you make this recipe? please tell me how you came out in the comment below and rating the recipe with the stars share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #chipabythedozen and we will celebrate with you your creation on @chipabythedozen

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake

With a base of crunchy cookies, a creamy filling with an orange flavor, this raspberry and white chocolate cake will have your guests daydreaming.

1-1 / 4 cup ground cookies, (I use "butter" cookies from the Costa brand (125g))

1/3 cup butter (melted (75.6g))

1/4 cup sugar (50g)

1 cup white chocolate, (cut into small pieces (175g))

2/3 cup cream cheese (150g)

1/2 cup powdered sugar (62.5g)

1 teaspoon orange peel

1/2 cup whipping cream (120g)

3 cups raspberries (375g)

1/4 cup white chocolate (45g)

In a large bowl place the ground cookies, add the sugar and melted butter. Mix well with a spoon. Add the mixture to a cake pan. Press the cookies to the sides and to the base of the plate. Store in the freezer while you prepare the rest.
For the filling:

Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes or so, beating every 30 seconds or in a double boiler. Allow to cool.

In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese, powdered sugar, milk and orange peel. Add the chocolate and mix.

In a small bowl, beat the sour cream with an electric mixer for 2 to 4 minuots. It doesn't have to be firm, just creamy. Mix the whipped cream to the cream cheese mixture with a spatula.

Put the filling in the pan. Dejar enfriar 2 horas o toda la noche en la heladera.
Para encima:

Antes de servir derretir 1/4 taza de chocolate en el microondas por 1 minuto, parando después de los primeros 30 segundos batir y seguir derritiendo. Dejar enfriar.

Poner las frambuesas encima del relleno. En una bolsita plástica colocar el chocolate, cortar la punta (solo un poquito) y decorar la tarta.

Es importante que todos los ingredientes estén a temperatura ambiente. Si el queso crema está frío, al poner el chocolate se endurece al mezclarlo.

Cómo hacer crema de la leche

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Si necesitas crema para una receta, substituirla con leche no siempre resulta una buena idea, ya que la leche no posee las mismas propiedades. Por ejemplo, no puedes elaborar mantequilla a partir de la leche entera, pero sí con la crema espesa. Por fortuna, es fácil preparar tu propia crema. Lo único que necesitas es leche entera y mantequilla o gelatina. Pero si deseas una versión auténtica, utiliza leche no homogeneizada.

Rinde 1 taza (250 ml) de crema espesa

Rinde cerca de 2 tazas (500 ml) de crema batida

Las cantidades son variables

No utilices mantequilla con sal o margarina porque al final la crema espesa no tendrá el sabor adecuado.

Crema de lapte - Paraguay (Crema de leche y maizena) - Rețete

Cette fête nationale c'est l'occasion parfaite de m'associer à Sophie du très joli blog La tendresse en cuisine et de « Cuisiner pour la paix » .
Sophie nous propose de l’accompagner, pour saluer et honorer les habitants d’un pays le jour de sa fête nationale.

1 litre de lait
5 cuillères à soupe de maïzena
5 cuillères à soupe de sucre
zeste d'une orange
vanille en poudre
sucre roux, cannelle


Faites chauffer 80 cl de lait avec le sucre, la vanille et le zeste de l'orange.
/>Retirez du feu et laissez infuser 15 minutes.
Enlevez le zeste du lait et faites chauffer à nouveau.
Diluez la maïzena dans le reste du lait froid et mélangez bien.
Quand le lait arrive à ébullition , versez la maïzena diluée.
Réduire l'intensité du feu et laissez mijotez en mélangeant constamment temps de 5 minutes.
Retirez du feu et mélangez de temps en temps pour la refroidir.
Quand la crème elle est tiède répartir dans dans les ramequins, laisser refroidir.
Placez au réfrigérateur 1 à 2 heures.
Vous pouvez les caraméliser avant de les servir.
Mettre le four en position grill.
Saupoudrez les crèmes de sucre roux.
Les placer sous le grill du four jusqu'à l'apparition d'une coloration uniforme.
Vous pouvez aussi caraméliser le sucre roux à l"aide d'un chalumeau ou vous pouvez les saupoudrer avec de la cannelle tout simplement avant de les servir.

C'est aussi une recette pour le défi #CataCookingChallenge05 .
Cuisines :
argentine, bolivienne, brésilienne, chilienne,
colombienne, équatorienne,
guyanaise, paraguayenne,
uruguayenne, vénézuélienne


El consumo de manjar blanco data de muy antiguo. Recetas similares a las de Cataluña y las islas Baleares ya se encuentran, aunque con otros nombres, en De agricultura (siglo II a. C.) de Catón el Viejo [ 5 ] ​ y en el Cibarium album (siglo I d. C.) de Marcus Gavius Apicius. [ 5 ] ​ En los recetarios árabes antiguos se pueden hallar recetas de cremas de arroz, pero todavía no de manjar blanco. [ 5 ] ​ Sí son de origen árabe dos ingredientes esenciales de la receta, el arroz y el azúcar, y además la almendra es muy abundante en Cataluña, lo que hace pensar a Rudolf Grewe en un origen peninsular del plato. [ 6 ] ​

Existe documentación escrita explícita, con el nombre de manjar blanco, de versiones dulces de este plato, más similares a las más actuales (aunque aún se hacen con caldo de pollo y otros ingredientes, como plato, en restaurantes gastronómicos catalanes) [ 7 ] ​ y también una amplia documentación de versiones saladas, como plato, elaboradas con gallina, [ 5 ] ​ [ 8 ] ​ langosta, [ 5 ] ​ [ 8 ] ​ calabaza, [ 8 ] ​ pescado, [ 5 ] ​ etcétera. En la cocina medieval la separación de salado y dulce en platos y postres respectivamente no se hacía de la misma manera, más radical, que en la actualidad. El concepto de manjar blanco, por entonces, también era más amplio que el actual. Se trataba de una especie de sopa, a veces salsa, que contenía azúcar y también al menos alguno de los ingredientes salados mencionados anteriormente. [ 5 ] ​ De hecho, en Ibiza aún se hace la salsa de Navidad (salsa de Nadal), que es un manjar blanco con caldo de ave. [ 9 ] ​ El médico del rey de la Corona de Aragón, Arnau de Vilanova, recomendaba en un texto de 1310 el manjar blanco con capón o pechuga de pollo para convalecentes y personas delicadas, [ 10 ] ​ mientras que también constan versiones de recetas en catalán expresamente «para enfermo» de manjar blanco de la época, que no contenían carne ni pescado. [ 5 ] ​ De hecho, el manjar blanco aparece citado en textos literarios medievales catalanes así como en recetarios, como por ejemplo el Llibre de Sent Soví [ 11 ] ​ del año 1324. En todas estas recetas resultan como ingredientes fijos la leche de almendras y algún espesante, como el almidón o la harina de arroz. [ 5 ] ​ La harina de arroz no se utilizaba en las posteriores recetas de otros países, ya que este no estaba todavía presente en sus cocinas. [ 10 ] ​ Por otra parte, hay un manual de dietética iraní, escrito en árabe, del siglo XI, el Al taqwin al silha, que se tradujo al catalán en la época medieval, que describe una especie de manjar blanco hecho con harina de arroz, azúcar y leche, pero sin almendra. [ 5 ] ​

El manjar blanco apareció en la cocina medieval catalana como un postre adaptado a la Cuaresma, sería una crema catalana a la cual se quitan los huevos y se sustituye la leche (de vaca) por la leche de almendra. [ 9 ] ​ [ 10 ] ​ [ 12 ] ​ Concretamente, parece que el manjar blanco como postre cuaresmal se creó en Scala Dei (un monasterio a los pies de la Sierra de Montsant), una vez que los monjes se vieron obligados a servir un gran ágape durante la Cuaresma, en el cual se debían servir postres que cumplieran con la vigilia. [ 13 ] ​ No sólo se comía en esta época, las clases altas lo disfrutaban en banquetes durante todo el año, [ 10 ] ​ y también se consideraba un remedio para enfermos pudientes. [ 10 ] ​

El manjar blanco fue muy popular en Europa durante la Edad Media y el Renacimiento.

En los libros de cocina medievales, como por ejemplo en el Llibre de Sent Soví, aparecen dos versiones de manjar blanco con pollo. En una versión se propone cortar el pollo en trocitos pequeños a cuchillo, de manera más o menos perpendicular a las fibras, mientras que en la otra versión la diferencia es que se separan las fibras a la manera del bacalao esqueixat. Arnau de Vilanova, médico del rey de Aragón, recomendaba al cocinero real la versión cortada [ 14 ] ​ frente a la desmigada, aunque no se sabe por qué. [ 15 ] ​

Cervantes, a su paso por Barcelona, hace comer manjar blanco a don Quijote y a Sancho Panza, con su anfitrión Antonio Moreno y unos amigos de este, que «honraron a don Quijote como a un caballero andante». [ 16 ] ​ [ 17 ] ​ También aparece en entremeses y otras obras del mismo autor, [ 17 ] ​ como por ejemplo en el entremés de La cueva de Salamanca. [ 18 ] ​

En los siglos XVII y XVIII todavía se consumía abundantemente en Cataluña, donde los agridulces eran característicos de la cocina de la época [ 19 ] ​ y el postre era tradicional del día de San José [ 19 ] ​ (19 de marzo) y de Carnaval. [ 19 ] ​ De esta época hay numerosas citas literarias y en recetarios catalanes. [ 5 ] ​

En el siglo XIX la versión dulce, aromatizada con limón y canela, era muy popular en toda Cataluña, [ 20 ] ​ como siguió siéndolo a principios del siglo XX. [ 20 ] ​ También era muy popular en Baleares, donde acaba siendo más frecuente sustituir la leche de almendras, no tan fácil de encontrar en los comercios del momento y más entretenida de hacer con los medios disponibles, por leche de vaca. Entrado el siglo XX el ámbito donde el postre, ya fijado como una crema dulce de leche de almendras y aromatizada con canela y limón, se fue restringiendo a las tierras de Tarragona, donde la almendra es más abundante y resultaba menos cara. En este territorio aparece en 1917 un elaborado industrial hecho con polvos para facilitar su elaboración, parecido a los que existen en otros lugares para la preparación de cuajada o de natillas, por ejemplo. Por otra parte, la elaboración casera del postre, con receta bastante fija, se facilita, ya que es fácil encontrar leche de almendras, almendras picadas o picarlas rápidamente con ayuda de robots, lo que, junto a la difusión de la receta por diferentes medios masivos, contribuye a hacerlo revivir y redifundirlo. Para Josep Lladonosa i Giró se trata de «un ejemplo de supervivencia y adaptación de la cocina antigua a los nuevos gustos». [ 8 ] ​

Hasta el siglo XX se elaboraba en Valencia, y en la actualidad se puede encontrar en Reus (Tarragona), la Franja de Aragón, territorio de la comunidad aragonesa donde se habla catalán, y también se comercializa como blancmange en Gran Bretaña, y blanc-manger en Francia y Canadá. En Turquía todavía lo preparan (mullahebi). En algunos países del sur del arco Mediterráneo y próximos en la ruta de la seda, el postre se sigue tomando también.

En el siglo XXI el postre se mantiene muy vivo en la provincia de Tarragona, y en las Baleares, y se consume más moderadamente en el resto de Cataluña (española y francesa), así como en la franja de Aragón y Alguer (Alghero, Sassari, Cerdeña). La versión salada del plato sufre en Cataluña un renacimiento en versiones más o menos parecidas a las medievales, adaptadas a las cantidades y gustos actuales, y se sirven sobre todo en restaurantes gastronómicos.

El manjar blanco de origen español [ 21 ] ​ [ 22 ] ​ hecho con leche de almendras, sea en su versión dulce o salada, se difundió durante los siglos XIV y XV por algunos países de Europa, Francia, Inglaterra e Italia), [ 22 ] ​ según algunos autores, o por «todo el continente», según otros. [ 21 ] ​ [ 15 ] ​ En esta época aparece en recetarios italianos, [ 5 ] ​ franceses, [ 5 ] ​ británicos, [ 5 ] ​ y portugueses [ 5 ] ​ y se sabe que se consideraba «una panacea universal en todas las cortes de Europa». [ 10 ] ​ En Inglaterra todavía se consume, recibe el nombre de blancmange y a veces se envasa en terrinas, aunque es mucho más popular una versión con chocolate conocida como chocolate pudding. [ 5 ] ​ Más tarde, con el contacto con América, los españoles lo llevarían a Cuba, [ 5 ] ​ Perú [ 5 ] ​ y otros países del continente. [ 5 ] ​

El manjar blanco es un término que se usa en Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá y Perú para referirse a platos similares tradicionalmente hechos a cocción lenta de la leche pura, azúcar, y con frecuencia otros ingredientes como vainilla, jugo cítrico y canela, aunque en Bolivia se añade arroz. [ 23 ] ​ Usualmente se hace al baño María para evitar que se dore la mezcla, lo cual cambia el sabor.

El resultado es una pasta blanca y espesa con el sabor de crema azucarada. Aunque el manjar blanco puede comerse con pan, también se usa como relleno para otros dulces (por ejemplo galletas como alfajores) y tortas. En Colombia el manjar blanco se come en Navidad con buñuelos). No se debe confundir esta preparación con el manjar propiamente, más conocido como dulce de leche (arequipe o cajeta en países como Colombia o México). Esta preparación no es de color blanco y tiene otra forma de preparación.

Colombia Editar

El manjar blanco es un postre típico de los departamentos del Valle del Cauca y el Cauca. Se consume acompañado, en algunas ocasiones, con breva cocida y/o queso cuajada. El manjar blanco es un dulce que se elabora a partir de la leche y se le adicionan otros ingredientes como azúcar en almíbar, arroz remojado y una pizca de sal.

México Editar

El manjar blanco es conocido en el sur de México, específicamente en Tapachula, Chiapas. Es un postre preparado a base de leche, huevo, maizena, agua, vainilla, y canela y adicionalmente pasitas (uva deshidratada) al momento de consumirlo, este tiene un color entre amarillo claro o beige por los elementos en su preparación. Tradicionalmente se vende en el centro de la ciudad y en los Mercados locales, en vasos de aproximadamente 333ml, así mismo, se puede conseguir con los diversos vendedores ambulantes de la ciudad. Las familias tradicionales de esa zona, también optan por realizarlo y es un postre que se disfruta generalmente caliente o tibio, pero también a veces frío después de una comida. No se tiene conocimiento de cuando este postre se introdujo en la historia culinaria de esta ciudad.

Guatemala Editar

Es un postre muy utilizado desde la época de la colonia en la repostería, y panadería. Se consume en toda el área central donde se vende en vasos pequeños adornados con canela en polvo, pero mayormente como relleno de empanadas dulces de harina "salpor" (masa amarilla y quebradiza, espolvoreada con harina) propios de la época cuaresmal y Semana Santa. preparado a base de leche, maizena, agua, vainilla, y canela y pasas (uva deshidratada) al momento de consumirlo, este tiene un color entre amarillo claro o beige por los elementos en su preparación. Posiblemente la receta ha pasado al sur de México.

Paraguay Editar

El manjar blanco, muy consumido en este país, tiene una denominación diferente, es conocido simplemente como "crema", los ingredientes básicos, son los mismos, leche, azúcar, y como agente gelificador, harina o preferentemente almidón de maíz (maizena), como aromatizantes se utilizan juntas o separadas anís, canela, y/o caramelo, es muy consumido en el periodo invernal tanto en su capital como en el resto del país.

Perú Editar

Es un dulce tradicional difundido durante el Virreinato del Perú a otras partes de Hispanoamérica con diferentes nombres y variantes de preparación como "arequipe", "dulce de leche", "manjar", "manjar de leche", etc. Tiene su origen en el manjar blanco español medieval de época de Cuaresma y que, a propuesta de Francisco Martínez Montiño, podía ser también usado para rellenar bollos, bizcochos, tortas, otros pasteles y pastas, tal como receta en su libro El Arte de Cozina, Pastelería, Vizcoheria y Conserveria (1611).

En Perú se conocieron las dos versiones del manjar blanco europeo medieval: la del manjar blanco a base de pechuga de gallina desmenuzada, leche, azúcar y espesado con harina de arroz molido -del cual, sostiene la socióloga e investigadora peruana Isabel Álvarez Novoa, deriva el famoso plato de la gastronomía peruana conocido como "ají de gallina"- [ 24 ] ​ y la del manjar blanco sin pechuga de gallina, con solo leche, azúcar y harina de arroz que serviría para preparar diversos potajes en la repostería peruana como el tradicional suspiro de limeña, el frejol colado o las tejas de Ica. [ 25 ] ​ Existe otra variante a base solo de leche (fresca, evaporada o condensada), azúcar y vainilla, de la cual se deriva otra variedad preparada con pallares, [ 26 ] ​ tradicional en Ica. Además, se hacen diversos tipos de manjar de blanco a base de legumbres que puede variar por regiones, y también de diversas frutas, como mango, también receta iqueña, y chirimoya. De la región de Ica también son las tejas, frutas o frutos secos bañados en dulce de leche y envueltos en azúcar. [ 25 ] ​

Venezuela Editar

El manjar blanco es mayormente consumido en el estado Zulia. Su preparación se suele corresponder con los ingredientes tradicionales de leche, maicena y azúcar. Se le considera un postre neutro, destinado al acompañamiento de otros postres tales como el dulce de lechosa, dulce de icacos o cabello de ángel. Una variedad es el manjar blanco "mosquiao", en el cual se agregan pasas al finalizar su preparación.

Delicias by Thermomix

Para más información, recetas y dudas me encontráis aquí:

Ișlere (din caietul meu personal de rețete)

-2 ouă
-1 linguriță salicale(bicarbonat de amoniu)

-2 plicuri de zahăr vanilat

Pentru glazură
-250 ciocolată neagră
-unt cât o nucă

-Punem în bol zahărul 30sec./vit.5-7-10.
-Adăugăm ouăle 30sec./Vel.3.
-Adăugăm untura,făina,bicarbonatul de amoniu dizolvat în puțin lapte 30sec./vit.4.
-Lăsăm la rece aluatul jumătate de horă. Facem 2-3 bile și întindem,separat fiecare bilă,o foaie de 2-3cm.și tăiem cu o formă rotundă.
-Coacem în cuptorul preîncălzit la 180ºC aprox.7-8 min.

-Punem în bol zahărul 30sec./vit.5-7-10.
-Punem untul la temperatura ambiente și vanilia 3min./vit.3.
-Adăugăm mascarpone și cacao 30sec/vit.3,5.
-Umplem islerele cu crema și deasupra glazurăm cu ciocolată. Eu am topit ciocolata în microunde și am adăugat puțin unt,cam cât o nucă.

Crema de Maizena al Microondas

Maicena es la harina fina de maíz, fécula o almidón de maíz. También se escribe maizena o maizina que son marcas que pasaron al uso común.
Fue registrada como marca comercial en el año 1856 y adquirida por Corn Products Refining Co. en el año 1900. Maizena se comercializa en todo el mundo y se convirtió en referente del almidón de maíz.

Esta receta nos muestra como hacer la crema de maizena utilizando el microondas.

1 Taza de Leche
2 Cucharadas de Maizena
2 Cucharadas de Azúcar
Cáscara de Limón
Vainilla a gusto
1 Yema de un Huevo
Pizca de sal

Primero procedemos a calentar en un recipiente apto para microondas, la leche en ¨high¨ por espacio de 2 minutos. Sacamos del microondas y disolvemos en un poco de leche fría la maicena.

Echamos todos los ingredientes en el recipiente junto a la leche y cocinamos nuevamente en ¨high¨ un minuto más. Y ya estará lista nuestra crema.

El chipá paraguayo y sus variedades.

En la República del Paraguay el chipá es un acompañante de los desayunos, los almuerzos, las meriendas y las cenas. También es un fiel amigo a la hora de beber un tereré en la plaza o en las orillas de algún río. Todo paraguayo o paraguaya ama esta clásica y antigua comida, pero no existe un sólo tipo de chipá para comer, sino múltiples variantes que se adaptan a diferentes momentos y gustos de cada persona.

Además de la versión más conocida del chipá -que contiene almidón de mandioca y queso- hay más de otras 70 variedades del este clásico y tradicional pan salado paraguayo. Está el chipá mestizo -que posee maíz además de mandioca-, el chipá manduyí -con maní-, el chipa so’o -relleno con carne-, el chipa rora -con salvado de maíz-, el chipa piru -crocante-, la chipa arrollada, y el chipa guazú -que incluye choclo-. También están el chipa avatí -con harina de maíz blanco o amarillo-, el chipa quesú -con queso fresco, generalmente de cabra- y el chipa asador o chipa caburé -que se hace a la parrilla-, entre otros.

En Argentina -especialmente en el noreste del país- y en Brasil también es muy consumido, aunque su identidad está fuertemente vinculada a la cultura paraguaya, que la que más arraigada conserva las tradiciones y el espíritu guaraní. Anualmente el segundo día viernes del mes de agosto, desde el año 2015 y por un decreto establecido por el Poder Ejecutivo, en Paraguay se celebra el Día Nacional del Chipá.

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