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Tort Led Zeppelin

Tort Led Zeppelin

It was:

Rub the yolks with the sugar until they turn white and become foam. Separately, mix the flour with the semolina, cocoa and yeast, then add it lightly to the yolk foam, then add the milk, oil and honey. Beat the egg whites with a little salt, then we add them to the above mixture, stirring lightly from top to bottom. The composition obtained is poured into the tray (I used the large stove tray) lined with baking paper and baked in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove with the paper from the tray and leave to cool. The paper is removed only when the sheet has cooled.

Another sheet is prepared after the same procedure.

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Mix the pudding with the egg, flour and a little milk. Boil the remaining milk and then add the pudding mixture, stirring constantly until it thickens. Remove from the heat and add the sugar and leave to cool. whipped cream and then add a tablespoon of cream. At the end add the grated white chocolate.


Boil the water together with the sugar until it thickens after adding the spoonful of rum.


Melt the chocolate on steam with the butter and let it cool a bit.


Sheet, syrup + cream, the second sheet we syrup and then pour over the icing a little cooled.

For decoration I used fondant.

"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.

If you regularly read the music posts on this blog, then you know that I consider Led Zeppelin to be the best thing about rock (I know, it's purely objective, and in addition I am capable of great bad faith as soon as one touches Led Zeppelin!). There is obviously strictly nothing to throw in the band's production, everything is wonderfully excellent (objectivity always, although I gladly admit that the last three albums are a notch below!), But if not remember that only one title is the masterpiece of masterpieces: "Stairway to Heaven."

This huge tube came out on the band's 4th album, the one that has no name and is commonly called "Led Zeppelin IV". The record will sell millions of copies worldwide (24 million in the United States alone). You have to listen to the whole album, because as always with Led Zeppelin, the records are designed as a whole. Still, it's a title that will make the album famous, and send Led Zeppelin to another planet, that of the music giants. This title is "Stairway to Heaven". The song will now be part of every band concert, it will be repeated dozens of times, and is considered by everyone to be one of the highest standards in rock ("The Biggest" As far as I'm concerned). Yet this huge hit will take place even though the song will never be released as a single, which is, I believe, an almost unique case in rock history. In fact the band never released a single, considering that their albums should be listened to in their entirety, for the same reason, there is no compilation of Led Zeppelin.

The composition of the song was quite simple. Jimmy Plant first composed the music (in two steps, since he let the first jet rest for a few months), then he made the arrangements and bass lines with John Paul Jones, the most discreet of the 4, and yet the most indispensable is the one that will give the final color to each piece. Finally, in less than 2 hours, Robert Plant writes the lyrics (to be discovered here with their translation).

Much has been said and written about the text. Robert Plant has always dismissed accusations of esotericism and subliminal messages, and on this point I believe he was sincere. On the other hand, he has always refused to explain the meaning of the lyrics, which have always kept a mysterious, sometimes mystical side, which is not for nothing in the success and influence that the song will exert. Still, most critics agree that there is a critique of individualism and materialism.

Even though we are in the age of hovering and psychedelic rock, the construction of the song is relatively original for a band considered (wrongly, Led Zeppelin is unclassifiable) as one of the spearheads of hard rock. There's no chorus, just a phrase that comes back regularly ("She's buying a stairway to Heaven"), and an evolution over time, to arrive at a rise in power and a guitar solo considered one of the greatest guitar solos.

The song begins as a ballad. A nice little guitar melody, quickly joined by a recorder. The introduction of this instrument into a piece of rock is surprising and unprecedented, but it seems so obvious on listening that it is ultimately a real stroke of genius (note that on stage, the synthesizer replaces the flute). After this introduction, Plant's voice arrives, surprisingly calm, slow and serene, still supported by only two instruments. Plant doesn't hesitate to go up in the treble like he knows how to do so well.

It takes a good big third of the song before John Bonham's overpowered drums come into play. The melody is the same, Plant's voice is still so calm, but the song has just made its first rise in power. Now the audience listening to it for the first time knows that there will be a final rush! Supported by percussion the rhythm speeds up, the flute is gone, but the melodic lines on the guitar become more complex and sustained.

Then Plant's voice fell silent, giving way to Bonham's bass drum and a few well-felt riffs from Page, before one of the most powerful, beautiful, and famous guitar solos begins, which must be emphasize how much it is strengthened, supported, supported by the battery. This passage lasted more than a minute on the album and could reach 3 to 4 minutes on stage. However, as I stretch it, I find that the piece loses its strength.

And then there's the explosion. Plant's extraordinary voice sounded, powerful, high-pitched like never before. Everything packs up, guitar and drums seem unstoppable, it's pretty short on the whole track (about 1 minute), and we'd like it to last forever. The calm is done again and it is Plant who has the last word, alone, with a "She's buying a stairway to Heaven" from nowhere.

Video: Dread Zeppelin - Black (December 2021).